Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and all things are possible

Hi my name is Miileshar I would just like to say trust in the
Lord Jesus Christ and all things are possible.

Early last month, my dad was ill and the doctors could not detect what it was.
After alot of blood tests they finally found out that he had leginaires.

At this point he was so weak they had to send him to ICU (intensive care
unit) they put him to sleep for seven days whilst pumping oxygen into him.
They found through scans that the hole of the left lung was coverd with
puss and his blood was infected with the puss. This was preventing him to take
in oxygen. my sis and bro were so worried for his life but I knew that almighty God
was in control and as each day passed God was healing his sickness. Amen!!!!!!

I prayed and prayed and prayed for Gods healing onto my dad sickness.
I got my pastors to hold my hands while he prayed, so every time I went
to the hospital to see my dad I layed my hands on my dad and said it
will be well with you by faith and trust all things are possible.

I will end here by saying prayer is a powerful weapon, so never give up.
The Lord has taken me out of a miserable pit and he has heard the cry of my

Oh lord we Hounor and Glorify your name and thank you for the healing of my
dad's sickness. He is now well by your grace; all glory to God.

what ever you are going throgh God will provide a break

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