I Am with you

Blessings to all youth reading my testimony in JESUS
NAME! My testimony is for all youth who feel that they have been
rejected, forgotten and all those who have not tasted truth about God.

During my teen years I was going through most crucial
time, My mom, dad had tough time together, apart from that I was sick
child who needed attention and care. Due to some tense situation at
home, I lost the affection and true care from my parents…. I was
suffering from sinusitis; I used to get heavy headaches everyday. I almost lost
my speaking ability. At school friends made fun of me, Because of my
speech problem teachers treated me as disabled Boy who can never do any
Good. Emptiness dropped into my heart, I was desperate for freedom and
love. I prayed often to Jesus that he would do something new…..But I
was impatient, cause darkness was everywhere I went. Situations looked
unchanged and my health and my family got even worse. I turned to
atheism. Hated god. In anger once I threw all sacred things away and declared
that ‘GOD IS DEAD’!

As the days passed darkness became my light, I got
introduced to smoking, alcohol, pornography, rock bands, and
relationships. It was said that these things would fill the emptiness and its
going to be safe. But the worst of all I never had enough, More I consumed
these things.. more emptier I became. I went to pubs, night clubs. One
relationship to another….etc. Was totally lost from the hand of God.
I was confused about my future goals. I felt I was loosing hold of
myself. Even I was in darkness.. Jesus came to many times to comfort and
give me new hope and future. Deep down I knew God is reaching out to me..
Even though I was an atheist.. I simply could not deny his existence. But
because my pride and love for this world I denied his work in my life.
I saw all my friends were rich.. got cars, latest bikes .. money,
pleasure.. girls…I badly looked for all these.

After school days… I was introduced to Group of
gangsters who were into smuggling, drugs, beating up people, making
money and all other criminal activities. I became part of their team, used
to hang around with them. Some of their qualities got transferred in to
my life. I started beating up, smuggling, threatening people. My
parents learned about this and did their best to keep me safe from all
dangers, they kept worrying that I would come home alive or not. Because of my
love for my friends and things they did.. I brought disgrace to my family
and society. I never gave any chance to listen to them for once . I
ended up becoming a gang leader. My heart was filled with filth… No room
for God at all! I exchanged my soul for all worldy things. But nothing
seem to give me what I desired.

I was walking in pathway of great darkness and danger.
Many preached to me about the love of Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins
on the cross. God was calling me to repent and accept his plan in my
life. But I was blind to see his true love. I ended up only being worse I
was almost black listed by society and by my family. To my shock one
day , cops entered my campus in search of me for the criminal work I did. I
was arrested and taken to custody in front of my college pupils and
lecturers. It was horrible to see all my friends leaving one by one and no one
stood by me. Accusers were throwing arrows at me. To my other side I saw
a few young people lying down naked, beaten in prison. One of he cops
looked at me and said ‘Your state will be worse than these’ …. I had
absolutely no one to turn to for help.. Now its only God who would
save me. I cried out to him and asked him “if your are true ..reveal
yourself to me. I need you now!”.....At once there was a voice deep inside
“I Am with you”… That was the first time I understood the love of
Jesus. I asked him to come into my heart and take control of all
things”.. Soon after I was miraculously released. My family went through
lots of brokenness and pain. God was changing my heart. Soon after I came
down to Bangalore, India to work and build my life again. I learned
that my saviour Jesus Christ died for me on the cross, he took my place of
punishment .Since then My heart is been longing for his presence more
than anything. Only he has the power to turn our mess into a message.
While I was still a sinner, Christ died for me! What a wonderful love it is!

God began to lavish his presence over my life. He Gave me a
new heart with burden for the lost generation. Generation which was
lost in sin of sex, drugs, porn , suicidal attempts and on its way to
eternal hell. I knew the lord was calling me to Preach to the lost and take his
power of his love to those who were broken. The Lord miraculously healed my speech
problem. For two years, the lord prepared and asked me to preach to youth
where once I was rejected. It was tough thing to do, I went with
faith, believing God would work wonders. I prayed for days and months
for the youth, initially everybody mocked, made fun of
me. They called me names and said u need help! I kept pressing on in
prayer. God opened new doors for me to testify for him and boldly proclaim
about my transformation! God worked wonders among the youth; presence of
Jesus was so rich in every meeting, many drug addicts, gangsters, porn
addicts, atheists…. Came and gave their life to Christ. Some use
to literally see Jesus standing there and calling them to him.
People almost gave up upon me that I would never change, if I could
change it would be a miracle… and only God could do it. And if God
touches him who is that God? Today people know its Jesus Christ. Since then
more 2500 youth have been touched through my life testimony.

Dear Youth, I was mocked, rejected, left to die, cheated so
was my saviour. While he was on the cross, You were in his mind. Today
you too may be facing similar issues. Or if you are an atheist- Jesus
Christ loves you the way you are.. He is calling you to him. He has a great
plan for you. Will you too delay? Repent of your ways and accept him today.
And be saved from your sins that will destroy your soul forever. Now is
the time!

The Bible says -“Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”!

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