Jesus, the Hero of all times

I accepted Jesus as the Best who can give me rest when I was
seventeen years old. To be precise on 31st July, 1979.On that day, I
exchanged my then favoured name, Napoleon Bonaparte, my hero at the time
for Jesus Christ, the Hero of all times. He proved to me in many ways
to be the best. His Word transformed my thoughts, my goals, my desires,
even my attitudes and abilities. Within less than a year, I stood first
in a whole state out of a hundred thousand students in my twelfth grade
examinations. Within another few months, I again claimed Ephesians
3 verse 20 and secured the National Talent Search Scholarship in 1980. The
Lord spoke to me through various experiences, people and through His

In 1987, I was selected to the Indian Police Service through a
nation-wide competitive examination. In 1989, a few days after my engagement
and a week before my marriage, I went on a picnic with the
Superintendent of Police and other friends to a coral island. I began to swim in the
supposedly shoulder-deep calm waters off that island near Tuticorin.
Suddenly, when I chose to rest in the water, I found water had covered
me and was several feet above my head. The next thing I was found
drowned and floating lifeless. A Head Constable called Moses brought me
slung over his shoulders to the shore and declared that I was dead. But the
Lord had other plans. The Superintendent of Police cried out, "O God"
more in desperation than in faith and began to artificially resuscitate
me. After a long time, I began to breathe and my pulse revived. The
Lord had put extra oxygen in me to cause me to survive in those critical

In 1991, Psalm 91 came true literally in my life. I was
three feet ahead of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when a
human bomb exploded in the shape of a young woman with a bomb strapped on
her back. I was thrown unconscious in the air, fell near the mangled
remains of Rajiv Gandhi. I had suffered twenty per cent burns and scores
of steel pellets penentrated different parts of my body. Eighteen
people including the VIP and the assassin had died in the blast. My boss,
the Superintendent of Police, Mohammad Iqbal succumbed to multiple
injuries. Some of the casualties were due to only a single pellet from the
blast hitting a vital internal organ. Some died of just the shock waves.
But as Psalm 91 verse 14 says, "As you have set your love upon my
Name,I will lift you up and show you my salvation." He fulfilled His
promise further with my winning the inaugural prestigious Queen's award for
Innovation in Police Training and Development, 2002.

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