I want to Praise him the rest of my days!

I am 19 years old,and my testimony is about how God has been
with me all the years of my life. I grew up in a Christain family, and
I was saved at 5 years old. I started slipping out of church by age 12
and by 14 I was already starting to party and drink. and before I knew
it I was 17 an consumed by a life of sin. I would party at lest 3 times
a week when I was in school then in the summer I would party almost
everynight. then on Feb 6 06, I met face to face with death, on a side of
a mountain were a hiking trip turned horribly bad. God saw me through
that. I knew it was the grace of God that kept me alive but still I was
wraped in the chains of sin. I start smoking pot and drinking more than
ever. I was in a band playing and singing songs about lustful things.
then in nov 06 conviction fell on my. I started drinking more smoking
more, started having more sexual relations. then I rememebered my dad
talking to me about conviction and how GOD dealt with him. it seemed
to be the same way he was dealing with him. so I promised my self I
would go to church the next sunday. That sunday I was standing in the
pew and it felt like a war was raging inside of me. It was like the
devil would show me something then God would show me the truth to what the
devil said. then at the very end of church when the peacher was about
to close the alter call I ask God to let me feel his spirt move and I'll
follow it. At that instant God showed me how many times I should have been
dead, and how many times I should have been in jail, and how many times
he saved me. The next thing I knew I kneeling before a Holy God begging him
to forgive me. Then when I stood up I felt unspeakable peace and joy.
Now I'm trying to do God's will, I'm in 3 bands at my church and I'm trying
to start a Band of my on. God has been good to me, and I want to Praise
him the rest of my days

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