He knew it was more than luck

I have been married for 14 years to a drug and alcohol
addict. My story started on or about December 9,2006. I woke up one morning
to wake my husband for work only to find out I could not wake him.
Little did I know he had overdosed on all his medication. I had called 911
right away. He was still alive, barely.He was rushed to the hospital and
put on life support, not knowing whether he was going to live or die. I
called his boss who is an elder at the church we now attend. He came
right away and prayed with me. My husband came out of his coma three days
later not remembering anything that had happened.The doctors told him he
was very lucky to be alive! He knew it was more than luck.

He finally realized that the Lord had a reason to keep him here. His boss
visited him at the hospital on December 15 and asked him if he was ready for
a change and he said yes! He accepted Christ on that day!I would pray day
and night and asked God to either take my husband out of my life
or bring him back a changed man! He heard my prayers and a miracle
truely did happen! My husband is living proof miracles do happen! He has
no use for drugs or alcohol anymore because he has Christ in his life!
Our childrens attitudes have also changed! God heals and mends anything
broken and we are living proof all you have to do ask!!

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