From Crack to CHRIST

My path has led me from abandonment to adoption. My mother left while
I was still a baby, leaving me with a dad who was in and out of jail.
I often had to live with friends or other family members. I was introduced to
drugs, sex and abuse at an early age. I began smoking marijuana at age
7, became a father at 16, and was addicted to crack cocaine by the time
I was 17 years old. I quickly slid into a world of darkness; including
theft,drugs, homelessness, and doing anything necessary to support my drug

I met Terri in 1992, who shared with me the message of salvation, and
we were married a year later. On our wedding day, I received a calling
from the Lord that I was to be in ministry, but I could not get free of
my drug addition. For 10 years I would battle with crack cocaine; in and
out of rehabs and often living in the street; eating out of dumpsters,
begging for money, and sleeping on benches, in sheds, or wherever I could find
shelter. I ran as far as I could from the call of God on my life.
During this time, I also suffered the death and loss of my youngest son.
Later, I lost all contact with my oldest son when I signed adoption papers while
high on crack. Eventually, I lost my family and my home. In March
2003, alone and in jail, I called out to God for help.

I fully gave my life to the Lord that day. Since then my family has been
restored and I was delivered and set free from all drugs!! I quickly
began ministering in outreach to the homeless and the addicted. Now
Iím back on the streets, this time feeding and ministering to those who are
still trapped. I attended the college home based master's commission
program at Southeastern College in Lakeland, Florida.

The past 2 years has not been easy. There are trials and struggles as
with anyone, but through the trials, God has delivered me from low
self-esteem and depression. The Lord has given me a deeper hunger for more of Him,
and He has healed a broken and hurting marriage! I am currently building
Aiming High Ministries with my wife Terri. I also founded "From
C2C (From Crack to CHRIST) an outreach support group for drug addicts,
and have organized public events to share Jesus with the unsaved. I desire
that my testimony bring hope to the hurting, salvation to the lost, freedom
to the addicts, and healing to their families. I am available to speak by

(813) 478-3907 or e-mail me at you
can also check out myspace at or
website at .

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