Living In The Large World

"Living In The Large World"

••There is a special person named Thomas A. Zey who, grew up in a large
family of nine children. He was born and raised in a wonderful place
called Charleston, South Carolina. Growing up, Thomas was given little
preparation towards the days ahead of him, Living in the large world! His
brothers and sisters spent time with their own friends so, he spent
alot of time "Alone," searching for happiness. He had a father who, loved
him but, his father had many problems which, lead to his death. Thomas
loved his father but, he had to say, Good-Bye. Thomas felt alone,
"Living in the large world."

••Eddie his mother was a very special person and she tried to teach him
about, God. She had taken him to church every, Sunday. Thomas was an
alter boy in church but, he still felt, "Alone" Living in the large
world. His daddy bought a motorcycle (dirt bike) for him when, he was
younger so, Thomas really seemed to love motorcycles. Growing up, he loved
riding motorcycles with his friends but, One-day, he had a major
accident! He was riding his motorcycle (dirt bike) on the (526) Mark Clark
Interstate before open to the public (under construction) when, he struck a
steal cable crossing the road at the bottom of the bridge. There was a
warning sign on the cable but, Thomas did not see the cable or sign. He
was traveling around 45mph when, the cable caught him across the
throat. Thomas life came to a dead stop until, he had awaken!

••His friend stood still in shock because, he did not believe his own
eyes witnessed, "The solid steel cable was broken." Thomas stood up with
blood and flesh showing across his throat but, he was alive! Thomas
no-longer knew, where he had lived. His friend was really scared because,
he felt like everything had to be a dream. His friend rushed him home
because, Thomas was hurt and acting very strange. When they reached
Thomas home, his family was in shock to see his throat covered with blood.
His friend was scared so, he left before any one could talk to him.

••Thomas family asked, what happen to you! He replied, someone tried
to hang me! When Thomas returned home from the doctor, his friend called
and talked to the family saying, what really happen to him. Thomas had
a concussion and he was experiencing amnesia. He regain most of his
thoughts after, a few weeks pasted. Thomas later dropped out of school in
the 11th grade and he started working as a electrician. He was still
lonely living in the large world so, he started buying material things to
make him happy. He bought a trailer, a race car, a street car, a
motorcycle, and a boat. Thomas still felt lonely even though, he filled his
wants and desires with material possessions. He later decided, a special
woman in his life could make him happy and he would not be alone.

••Thomas had many girlfriends until, he meet the special person that,
he desired. He married the special woman! They had many material
possessions like; a house, camper, motorcycle, two cars, two trucks, and three
boats. Thomas still felt lonely and he was still searching for
happiness in his life. He worked hard as an electrician until, One-day, he had
a major accident at work! Thomas was hooking up an electrical box (480
volts) at the company Dynapower/Stratopower off Cross County Road when,
it exploded in his face! He was one and half stories in the air
kneeling on the edge so, he had no-where to go to escape the explosion. His
eyes closed when, he was being set on fire! Thomas life came to a dead
stop until, the explosion stopped.

••The people in the plant was scared and screaming for help because,
they thought he might be dead. People rushed to his aid to see him
covered with burns. His face, neck, chest, and arm was severely burned in the
explosion. Many people tried to figure out how he did not get
electrocuted or fallen to the steal and concrete below. Many people stood in
shock to see him, "Alive." Thomas was hospitalize and treated for the
severe burns. His wife, little sister, and mom tried to comfort him in the
hospital until, he was released to return home. After months of
healing, Thomas still felt lonely so, he decided to make a career change from
an electrician. Thomas went back to school to further his education
since, he decided to become a electronic engineer.

••After receiving his G.E.D., Thomas started going to Trident Tech.
College. He finished a semester of thirteen credit hrs. with a 3.6 gpa
average but, he could no-longer handle the change in his life. The
material possessions use to bring happiness to his life but, they were
no-longer part of his life. His friends were almost gone and he felt, "Alone,"
living in the large world. Thomas went to several doctors hoping to
find many answers but, they could not find the answers to his problems.
Thomas felt, his life was coming to an end!

••He started crying for the "first-time" in his life unto God. Please
help me God, I don’t want to die. God answered his prayer, My son, if, I
wanted you to die, you would have died a long time-ago. He showed
Thomas, the day on the motorcycle wreck where, his head had been amputated.
He showed him the day of the explosion where, he had been electrocuted,
fallen, and died. Thomas was touched by, God for the first time in his
life. A few days later he was cutting the grass and he cried to God, I
want to believe in you God, but, I need more proof.

••Thomas had a strange thought of hundreds of bees sting him until, he
would almost die to become closer to God. Minutes passed as he
continued cutting the grass when, Out of no where, Thomas was covered by
hundreds of bumble bees. He was stung over and over until, he reached the
water hose washing the bees off him and his dogs. He started killing the
bees when, God spoke to him saying, "My Son," Why are you killing the
bees? You asked for them! Thomas stood in shock wondering if he could be
losing his mind. He heard many stories from other people but, it’s not
the same when, "It happens to you."

••God was working in his life for the first time because, He asked, God
to help him with all his heart. Thomas heart continuously grew to
believe in God. He was giving the foresight to see a greater purpose in
life, "Trying To Help People." He continued to look for a new career
because, he knew, God would help guide him in the right direction. Thomas
really loved going out on the water. One night, he went out shrimping with
bait when, God spared his life "Again!" He threw a cast net in the
water when, he felt, the rope go into the 70hp boat motor prop. He yelled
to stop the boat because, the rope was tied to his hand. The person had
given the boat all of the gas so, Thomas was being pulled into the boat

••He had no fear as the boat motor pulled him closer because, God was
beside him when, the rope was cut one foot from his hand. The driver of
the boat was scared and trembling over the experience. Thomas turned
with a smile saying, "Thank -You," With All His Heart To God. Thomas
loved fishing and he had owned a deep sea fishing boat. One night, he was
50miles in the middle of the ocean when, his world turned into your
worst nightmare. Lighting crashed around every side of his boat as the wind
and sea turned into a wild animal out on a prey. The people aboard his
boat were in fear for their lives so, they rushed to put on the life
jackets. He warned some of his crew to be careful about, the language
coming out their mouths. Thomas knew, "God," was in control and God, was
helping him guide the boat to safety. The people aboard his boat never
felt as scared in their lives when, Thomas had no fear with the presents
of God and his savior "Jesus Christ."

••There are many stories about, Thomas "Living in the large world"
like; the umbilical cord was caught around his throat at birth, he was hit
by a speeding car, a bullet shot flashed one inch in front of his own
eyes, a motorcycle (dirt bike) wreck in the middle of the railroad train
tracks at high speed, and "Alone" at the jetties, he was thrown out the
boat on top of the rocks. The material written about, Thomas is a true
story of faith. Thomas was still searching for a career in his life
which, he knew, "One-day," his career would involve helping people. He
looked at all options of his new career helping people when, he felt, a
special need to do pressure washing. He started a pressure wash company
and he finds happiness in meeting, talking, and helping people, Living
in the large world!
God Bless You... In Name Of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen!

Thomas Anothony Zey

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