Seek Him and His Kingdom first and all these shall be added unto you

As the Bible says, Jesus is faithful and gracious. Since I
believed in Him in 1982, I have experienced many of His bountiful
blessings, which are summarized below.

1. His eternal salvation. This salvation is not just confined to saving
our soul, but includes His personal help and encouragement in times of
trouble. When I feel down, I would meditate on His bible promises,
which are very soothing indeed! For instance, when I am worried, IHis
promises of "God will provide," and "Seek Him and His Kingdom first and all
these shall be added unto you," help me to wipe off the negative

2. Due to my poor health, I asked for a job that would allow me to
work at home in 2000, with flexible working hours and sufficient that I could take care of my babies. Finally Jesus gave me exactly
what I wanted. He is truly faithful!

3. He has blessed me with a diligient wife, plus two lovely babies, Joy
and Grace. I named them Joy and Grace for God has given me much Joy and
Grace after I believed in Him.

4. He surrounds me with many friendly, gentle and lovely brothers and

5. Once I forgot to get back my wallet in the washroom, but Jesus
helped me to get it back. His name is wonderful!

6. Cured my stomach pain in the 1990s

7. Cured my insomnia in the 1990s

8. His personal appreciation towards me. When I feel weak, I would
meditate on Jesus seeing me and everyone of us as His lover, as mentioned
in Song of Songs. He truly appreciates us!

9. His eternal rewards

10. He has given us a big gift pack with infinite layers. As time goes
by, we will discover more and more of His lovingkindness and mercy

11. Once I lost my mobile phone in a restaurant. I prayed. Surprisingly
a waitress picked it up and gave it back to me. God is truly faithful

The blessings from Jesus are infinite...May God richly bless all who
serve Him!!


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