Delivered from sexual addiction - The key is the cross!

All my life I struggled with sexual lust which is an
addiction. I was married for twenty years and my wife NEVER knew of my
addiction. The last year that we were married, my wife grew distant and went
on an herbal diet to feel good about herself, but lost too much weight,
too fast. We separated and three days after we separated, my wife died
of an eruption of a coronary artery. I am responsible for an abortion,
adultery, fornication, pornography and perversion. I lost my wife, my
marriage and the people in my life suffered tremendously because of my
Even after my wife passed away, I still struggled with sexual lust and
sin. I tried to overcome the addiction on my own but couldnít. But when
I turned to Jesus Christ in TRUE sorrow and repentance for my sins, He
delivered me. He took ALL my sins to the cross, washed them away with
His blood and forgave me because HE LOVED ME THAT MUCH. He RENEWED my
mind and DELIVERED me from an addiction that I was too ashamed to admit
to anyone.
Our Lord doesnít want us caught up in slavery to ANY sexual sin. So
many people are either in DENIAL or SLAVERY to sexual sin. Please, if you
are struggling with sexual sin, confess it to the Lord and He will
deliver you. HE LOVES YOU THAT MUCH. Donít let PRIDE get in the way of
deliverance from sexual sin. If we confess our sins, our Lord is faithful
to forgive us and deliver us.

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