He will leave the 99 for you

I want to praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for doing miracouls
things in my life. It would require a novel to record all the wonderful
things the Lord has done for me. Therefore I will make it short and
As a child I grew up in an ungodly poor broken home in Brooklyn. I was
surrounded by domestic violence & divorce, various cultic religious
practices, and sin. By God's grace, I decided to follow Jesus at 12yrs
old. For the next four years, God revealed Himself to me in the word,
through prophecies, and in recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost. God became
my best friend and father, showing me how to act through repentance.
Unfortunatily, I rebeled against God when I was 16 years old. I fell into
the same traps of sin that my family was in. I was clubbing,
fornicating, drinking, cursing, cutting school. The next two years were the worst
of my life. I was in an abusive relationship with a satinist. I ended
up breaking my leg in a car accident resulting in loosing an inch and a
half in it's lenght. I also wound up dropping out of High school. God
knew, that I was crying out for help. When I finally humbled myself and
sought God's face (2 Chron 7:14), He delivered me. Withing months of
turning 18yrs old, I recieved my GED, and went to College. There I joined
the "Apostolic Christian Life Center" were I met friends who were a
great encouragement in my life. As a result I rededicated my life to Jesus
Christ through baptism in Jesus Name (Acts 2:38). Suddenly, things
started to change. I was delivered from an abusive relationship. God
allowed me to have my hearts desire. By the time I turned 22 years old. I had
recieved 2 college degrees. I also, became an active lay member at the
world wide pentecostal church of christ. Leading many souls to Jesus,
and seeing them get infilled with the gift of the Holy ghost by evidence
of speaking in toungs. I waited on God for 4 years and the Lord Gave me
a wonderful Husband who is a minister. Now we are pioneering a church
in Long Island! Jesus truly leaves the 99 sheep to go after that one
missing sheep. ANd the scriptures say, those who have been forgiven of
much, Love much! Come back to Jesus. He can save your life, give you your
hearts desire, and save your soul. Become a deciple,

make that commitment to follow Jesus, through obedience to being
baptized in the prescous NAME of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy
SPirit (Math 28:19). And know that Name whereby we must be saved. It's
JESUS!! When I was baptized in Jesus name God delivered me. He changed
my whole aspect on life and self respect as a child of God. God bless!

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