The God that Loves you

I'm 18 years old and I believe in God. I first got saved
when I was 7 years old, because my uncle told me that if I didn't get
saved I was going to hell. If you're a Christian and reading this, that
is the last thing you ever wanna tell a non-believer. I got saved for
the wrong reasons, and spent my younger years fearing God instead of
getting to know Him and loving Him like I should have been. In 7th grade
I met someone who turned out to be one of the most amazing people I
have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her name is Natalie and she is
soooo awesome. At the time she was a bitchy girl, always making fun of
people, and so that's how I was. Our freshmen year we got really close,
and started talking more. Then our sophomore year we went to a rally
together. It was amazing, so awesome, thinking about it gives me
There was a speaker and a worship leader, and at the end the speaker
got up and talked to us about how much God loved us. I had never really
heard that side of God until that point, and Natalie and I were just
stunned. She had been close to God before hand, but after this rally
both of our lives changed dramatically spiritually. When they called for
people to come down, Natalie was nervous about going so she asked me to
go down with her. We both went down and talked to a speaker and cried
together and it was the most life changing event to ever happen to me.
Today I have joined the Renewed Life Church of the Nazarine, and it's
been the best experience ever so far.

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