The doctor was speechless - Hypotonic baby healed.

I am a mother of a three year old son and 20-month old
boy/girl twins. This incredible story is of my little girl twin, Anna. When
the twins were several weeks old, I started noticing big differences in
them. My little boy, Jacob was very alert and responsive and right on
track with all the developmental milestones. My little girl was very
floppy, her tongue lagged out and she rarely smiled. At 5 months she was
still sometimes having trouble holding her head up. I tried to feed her
rice cereal with a spoon at 6 months and it was impossible. She
couldn't pull her tongue in. At her 6 month well baby check-up, her docter
gently informed me that she was 3 months behind her brother. I was
devastated. He sent us to specialists, genetecists, orthopedists, neurologists
and physical therapists to find out what was wrong with Anna. They
concluded that she was hypotonic, which means very low muscle tone. The
doctor wanted us to take her to physical therapy twice a week and to get
an MRI(in which they would have to put her to sleep because she was so
little). My husband and I cried out to Jesus and begged Him that if
there was any way in His most perfect will for Anna, to please heal her.
The next day was Sunday, and we took her down to the alter to pray over
her, the whole church began to pray for her. Just as simple as that, God
performed a miracle in her life. The next morning when she woke up I
saw a sparkle in her eye that was not there before. I put her in the
exersaucer, which every other time she had been in it she just sat ther
unresponsive, but this Monday morning she began to jump and raise her arms
and grin from ear to ear. By the end of the week she had caught up with
her brother in everything. She was even eating good out of a spoon and
kept her tongue in. Amazing! Not only did she catch up to her brother
but she started doing everything before him. We took her back to the
doctor to show him what the Lord had done for her. The doctor was
speechless. His conclusive report stated that she experienced

drastic improvement. Praise God! She can now run, jump, turn in
circles, say lots of words and laughs all the time. I don't know why Jesus
chose to perform this wonderful miracle in our lives- except for the
awesome fact that He loves us so very much. I feel so unworthy. I never want
to stop giving Him praise.

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