Friday, October 18, 2002. It was a brisk, fall morning and
as I woke, I looked outside to the skies and asked God, ‘could this be
the day?” Most mornings I ask this question wondering, Jesus, could this
be the day of your return. Could this be the day of your redemption?
Well, little did I know, it was the day of redemption for one, of whom I
would be an obedient tool.
I had been invited to The Portland Gospel Mission in Downtown Portland,
Oregon. I had received an invitation to share my testimony with the
ones in their treatment center,”Life Change.” I have a schedule allowing
me to share my testimony with the people living on the streets, but this
was my first assignment to those in treatment. I was so looking forward
to this morning, not knowing what God had planned for me.
On all my past journeys downtown, I stop on one side of Portland, grab
a coffee, and with my Bible in hand, I walk through downtown hoping for
the opportunity to share my Friend with someone in between. I have
always walked the same route but this morning, as I was walking, I became
lost. I missed one of my turns but I knew the direction I was walking,
so I continued on. As the Mission came into sight, I continued my trek.
As I was walking down the sidewalk, toward my destination, I walked
past a small box sitting alongside a building. As I passed the box, I
couldn’t help but notice the box was shaking with a shivering motion. I
walked past, still curious why the motion of the box, and a few feet past,
God spoke to me and instructed me to go back. I knew it was the voice
of God, so I obeyed.
Upon inspection of the box, I noticed the opening was facing a small
air vent, which I could feel warm air blowing out. I then noticed a small
shivering hand and I looked inside. There wrapped in a blanket, was a
small young lady. She tried to smile at me, but mostly was trying to
hide her shameful face. I looked in her eyes and said, “You are cold and
hungry. Could I give you some money and would you please have breakfast
with it.” She shook her head yes and I gave her some dollar bills and
she said, “Thanks” and I told her my friend Jesus had instructed me to
give it to her. I got up and continued on.
When I reached the exact same spot, God spoke to me again. He
instructed me to go back and told me, “Money is not all she needs.” I knew what
that meant and I turned back again.
I kneeled down at the box opening and asked, “what is your name and how
old are you?” She responded, “My name is LaDonya and I am 38 years
old.” She was close to the same age as my Son and my heart began to weep.
I asked her if she had heard of my friend Jesus? She said,” isn’t he a
God or something?” Then my eyes began to tear up and I then began to
share about my Friend and shared with her what God had done for me in my
life. She listened with her eyes staring at me and then the Miracle
happened. She prayed and asked Jesus into her life and asked Him to please
get her out of that box.
I told her goodbye, and continued my journey to the Mission. I was
walking, at that point, on clouds not concrete. I had just gotten lost and
She had just gotten saved. I was on fire.
I arrived at the Gospel Mission and began to sing Praises with the
group. We sang many songs and every song touched my heart.
After the singing, everyone, around the room, began to give individual
Praise reports and then they each began their Prayer requests. I sat,
observing their time, waiting for mine, when suddenly a young woman
stood up and voiced her Prayer request. She requested Prayer for their new
friend, LaDonya. She said LaDonya wasn’t doing very well yesterday and
requested everyone Pray for her.
Wow! This was the young lady whom had just given her heart to Jesus, in
the box.
Needless to say, when my turn arrived, it was all I could do to tell
them what had taken place, but when I finally got it out, Praise broke
out again.
I accept no credit for what God had done this fall morning. I Praise
Him for allowing me the privilege to hear and know His voice. Obedience
is the key and my Prayer is that when you hear that small voice in your
heart, it could be the voice of the Lord. Someone’s Salvation could
await them, “In A Box.”
The following day, while at a Foursquare Men’s Retreat, in the
mountains of Oregon, God gave me the title and words to this poem. Thank You

Up in the morning before the sun decided to rise,
To check on some seeds I had sown.
Me, my Bible and the Lord by my side,
What was ahead only God could have known.
Lost in my boundaries and wondering why,
I continued my destination to find.
Continuing to Pray as I walked down the streets,
With Salvation the main focus of my mind.
Suddenly beside me a small box sat alone,
Shaking as it had feelings inside.
Curiosity then built, yet I continued to walk,
Then God’s instruction, I had to abide.
He told me to walk back and I kneeled at the box,
There a young woman was nestled inside.
Living on the streets of my city, downtown,
Her tear’s she was trying to hide.
I asked if she knew this Jesus with me,
And she responded and answered me, “no.”
I shared with her what He had done in my life,
Then asked, “could I Pray with you, then I will go?”
She gave me a nod, then our eyes we did close,
And as we Prayed here’s what she said,
“Jesus, come into my life and Please get me out of this box.”
And we cried as we both bowed our head.
I left her alone and walked away from the box,
And the shaking had come to an end.
I felt so relieved by the Miracle I had seen,
Because in the box, Jesus Saved my new friend.
To Ladonya,
From Brother Don.
Friday morning 10-18-02
Matthew 11:5

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