A new song

The Lord reached out to me through my two sons and lead me
to Temple Aron Hakodesh (a messianic temple) where I got to know HIM and
appreciate HIS love for me. Just in time to know HIM before my eldest
son got shot and killed. I spoke at his funeral
and that was my first attempt to reach out to the teens. Little did I
know 3 years later rhat God would have me take drastic and challenging
methods to reach the youth. God showed me so many talents that I never
knew I possessed or ever had the courage to attempt. My every morning
prayer is that He use me for HIS will & HE does that so often that I
sit amazed. In August I sang to a group of boys in a detention facility
-the song Tomorrow by the Winans and I saw by the look on their faces
that the song had them thinking. In September (actually on my son's 3rd
anniversary of his death) as I was driving to work I was preparing
myself to speak to the youth at a facility in October, I was thinking
"should I sing Tomorrow again? Did I sing it nice enough or should I forget
the singing part?" When all of a sudden The Lord gave me a song for
the Youth. I know He gave it to me because although I have always
written poems -I never had a melody to go with it and HE gave me lyrics and a
melody. I now have a song called "Stop this Madness" and I even have
had offers for a Master cd to be made in a studio and another offer for
100 free demo cd's. So I am assured that this is the Lord's song to
the youth and HE gave it to me and entrusted me! I love HIM so much! HE
has never let me stumble in my attempts to do HIS works! Pray for Lisa
B. and reach for our teens. reachforourteens.4t.com. Love always..

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