My life was spiraling into a bottomless pit until I met Jesus

I was in my junior year of college when the Lord came into
my life. I was very skeptical when it came to religion but I believe God
broke my heart and allowed me to see the truth. Until the point I
accepted Christ, my life was spiraling into a bottomless pit. Drugs,
alcohol, family problems, bad grades...I was bombarded with an endless list of
problems and it was caving in on me, hard. I began questioning the very
meaning of life. That led to my search for God and He opened my

I was raised in a traditional buddhist family. I lost touch with
buddhism when I matriculated into college. I began to I think religion was
for the weak, the uneducated, and the hopeless. I didnt need it,
everything was going well for me. I was in a great school, joined a popular
fraternity, made many new friends and thought i was on the top of the

I started drinking quite a lot, partied all the time, messed around
with girls, picked up on smoking cigarettes and even tried drugs - estacy,
marijuana, cocaine, crack. My excuse was - I'm in college, now is the
time to experiment and try new things. Eventually, it got out of hand.
My fraternity house started using crack as a study tool - which keeps
the guys awake for days and also increases their "focus". I became part
of that mix. I thought it gave me an edge during finals/midterms. Man
was I wrong. It messed me up big time - i didnt eat for days, my body
felt like it was going to break down and at times I felt delirious. It
became a habit, I used it everytime a big exam came around.

It was 2nd semester junior year when my brother informed me that my dad
might have cancer. He's been a chain smoker for many years. Apparently
the first symptoms of cancer was discovered during a checkup with a
doctor. I was struck by the news and went into a period of depression. I
felt I was letting my family down, especially my dad, because I was
leading a lifestyle that was taking me no where. My grades dipped and at
times I still used drugs as a "study tool". That did it for me....I was
so ashamed of myself. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing
drugs, losing focus in school and my dad's health was in question. I was so
scared... lost...confused...and heartbroken.

It was then I turned to my christian friends for answers. I began going
to christian fellowship, a church retreat and allowed a christian
friend to minister the Word to me. After digesting all of that, I prayed to
God one night. I wanted to see a God work miracles in my life, to take
away my shame and to bring me new hope because I had none. That night,
I asked Jesus to come into my life. I cried like a baby because I was
so ashamed and so broken.

Since that night, God indeed worked miracles in my life. I soon found
out further testing on my dad's condition came out negative and he didnt
have cancer after all. I have returned my focus in school and currently
on track to pull straight A's in the first semester of my senior year -
relying strictly on God's will and nothing else. I have since detached
myself from the fraternity scene and have begun making new friends from
church and fellowship. My heart is now with God and I hunger for his
love and wisdom each passing day. I believe He changed my perspective in
life and brought new meaning to it. I realize just how weak I am
without God and it is his grace that sustains me. It breaks my heart to know
that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for me when He died on that
cross. He took away my sins and all my shame so that I can have new life.
Praise Jesus!

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