He is faithful and true when we pray in His will

I would like to share how awesome the Lord is even when we
are not faithful till the end, he is. I was saved in 1999 and
immediately began to pray about taking my children out of public school. In my
flesh I picked up an application for our Christian school through our
church. At the time my husband and I were making about $100,000 per
year. When we saw that the tuition was going to be about $400 per month,
we decided we could n ot afford it. Well, just after that my income
was cut down to half. Of course at this point I thought the Lord's
answer was "NO!". I didn't pray as often, and certainly not with any faith
that the answer would be yes. The following year my income was cut in
half again. Now I was making about $16k vs. 60k. I began to dislike
my job the more I walked with the Lord because I was a stock broker and
all I saw each day was a lust for more money from all the clients and
employees. So, I began to look for new employment. Meanwhile, I ha
d been praying about serving Him in a greater way. A sister at the
church told me that the school was looking for teachers. I told her she
was crazy because "I don't really like kids." But the Lord knew
differently. This was His call for me to come out and serve Him. I obeyed.
The children are now in the Christian school tuition free! Never doubt
what the Lord can do or how he can do it! He is faithful and true when
we pray in His will. Bless His holy name!

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