The Perfect Christian?

I want to share my testimony. I want to share it for the
benefit of all, but especially for those who may think they are okay but
are going straight to hell. I want to speak to the constant church
goer, the one with their name on the church role, and the perfect
Christian. You see I used to be that way. Not perfect, to say the least, but I
sat in church pews, got dunked in water, and said prayers in sunday
school with the best of them. But one night at revival, the Lord began to
beat on the door of my heart like so many times before. I had
professed to know Him a few years before, but I had no understanding of who He
was or what my rebellion and breaking of His law had cost. But I had
went on, pretending to be that Christian. I attended church pretty much
every time the door was open. But this night God seemed to be pressing
even harder on my heart. Pressing as if to say, this is the last time.
And fear flew all over me. I was gripping the pew so hard my
knuckles were white. Satan threw every excuse my way. What will
they think of you? They will know you were pretending. They will
criticize you. But I knew if I were to die, I would go to hell. I don't
remember exactly what the pastor said, but it was something along the lines
of this last verse is for you. So, I walked down. I admitted that
before I didn't know who Jesus was, but I wanted to. I knew I had done
wrong and broken God's laws so many times. I believed that Jesus came,
took my sin, died on the cross, and rose from the dead for me. There
was no lightening bolt. I was not instantly filled with knowledge, but I
knew He had answered. I knew He loved me. I knew the burden of hell
was no longer on my shoulders. After my baptism, I felt clean. I knew
my life had changed. Who I was had changed. Was I completely
different? Did my life get easier? Did I change automatically my life? No,
no there were many trials, many failures, and still many things I d
o not know. Many things God is still teaching me. But there is no
place I would rather be. Or no God I would rather serve ( even myself).
I discover almost daily a new way He proves His love for me. No matter
what I do, whether I stray or sacrifice myself, whether I misunderstand
or get new knowledge, whether I turn from Him in anger, or kneel before
Him in shame.. He is there for it all. He will never leave me. He will
never let me go. He has a plan for me, and He continues to amaze me
with His ways and with His love. And He will you, if you get real. See
how wicked and hopeless and condemned to hell you are. See what God
did in sending His Son to die so you wouldn't have to remain that way.
And believe His Word, when He says if you confess Jesus as Lord( the
authority, the one in control)and believe(trust in a way that changes your
life)that God raised Him from the dead. You WILL BE SAVED. Once and for
eternity. He loved you enough to even let you choose.

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