God Took Down Goliath

God Took Down Goliath

One day a big man came to my door at night while we were sleeping. It
woke my mother up. The man banged on the door and said, "I'm going to
kill you and then I'm going to burn down your house." He really didn't
say it like that! He swore alot! The man weighed about 300-400lbs! His
arms stuck out because he was so big. He had no neck! He had a skinny man
with him telling him to stop before he hurt somebody.
He said he wanted to XOXO"S (Curse words)the people upstairs from us
because of what they did to him. The skinny man said to him, " If you
burn down the house you will kill that nice lady downstairs and her three
small children.

The man didn't care. He began to take the front door off! My mother had
already called the police for help but they didn't come. All my mother
knew how to do was to pray to Jesus. I would always hear my mother pray
to Jesus in the morning and sometimes at night.

Jesus is faithful! He changed the man's mind! The little man continued
to tell the big man not to do this and the big man started to listen!
The big man took off our front hallway door. The door that leads to both
upstairs and my living-room doorway! The man took the door off! When to
his truck! Threw the door on top of his truck with his little friend
and drove away!

My mother said she fell asleep on the sofa because she was exhausted
from praying and was suddenly awaken when police arrived shinning their
flashlights though our house. The police came two hours after the men
had left! My mother checked the house to see if we were o'kay!
The police asked, "Where is your door lady! My mother told them
everything. They seem supprised! They took a discription of the men then left!
They didn't help to cover our front doorway to keep others out of our
house. They just left! My mother said, "If God can protected us from
Goliath, He can surely protect us through the night!

Several hours later the two men returned! They sat on our pourch-
steps and the big man cried and cried! The big man said, What happen to
me? Why was I so angry? What could of mad me so mad that I was willing
to kill that nice lady and her children? She has never bothered nobody!
Yet! I was just about to torch her house and make sure no one got out
alive! The skinny man kept patting the big man on the back saying, "I
know! I know!"

The big man started saying, "I wonder if she would forgive me! I wonder
if she would forgive me!" Then they both got into the car and left!

One week later, the man was standing across the street; standing there
waving at us with the biggest smile I had ever seen a man smile! I
suddenly realized it was the same man that took our front door! He no
longer wanted to hurt us! And you Know! I think he wanted us to know that!


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