The Lord knocking on the door of our heart - young Buddhist meets Jesus

For 15 years, I lived without Jesus Christ in my life. I was
a Buddhist. My family was Buddhist, and I remained so until december
29, 2002. I went on a retreat with my church up to yhe mountains to Oak
Glen. I didn't think too much of it. I thought it'd just be another one
of those trips up the mountians like band camp and whatnot. I was very
wrong. :)

For a while now, I've known that the Bible was true. There was too much
proof for it not to be true. I just didn't want to turn, though. I
didn't want to feel like I was betraying my family. I just remained
Buddhist and believed that it was true that Jesus did come to Earth.

One the third night, I was truly lost. The night before, I confessed it
all to my small group leader. She prayed for me, so that I may know the
Lord because I really did want to. Our speaker was so motivating, too.
He asked all of us who accepted Christ for the first time to stand up
and go up to the stage. I didn't know what to do. I was torn between
both religions. I began to cry, and our speaker said that if our hearts
our pounding, it was the Lord knocking on the door of our heart. I cried
even more. I stayed in my seat. My entire small group had noticed at
this point. My small group leader gave me her hand and led me up. I kept
on crying, and I noticed she had started crying, too.

After we went up, the speaker called us to a hallway, where he would
talk to us even more. I still had not stopped crying, yet, but I calmed
down a good deal. When he finished talking to us, I saw that my youth
pastor had opened the door for us to go back into the gym with the rest
of the group. We hugged for a good minute or so. I kept crying, and I
was a little sad because I strayed from the religiong I knew for so long.
However, I know now that I gained relationship.

I was sad until I talked to my youth pastor more. I returned to my
small group for the rest of our meeting time, and we all shared our RYCE
experience. I realized that I felt really happy and lighter inside. At
that point I knew that the Holy Spirit was within me, and that I would
never be alone again.

My pastor wants me to get baptized this Easter, but that's a huge step,
and I don't know if I'm ready. Hopefully I will soon, though.

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