FREEDOM from Bulimia

FREEDOM from Bulimia..
with men this may seem impossible with GOD ALL THINGS
ARE POSSIBLE!! Matthew 19:26
For ten yrs i secretly struggled with this eating disorder and it's
ugly friend, anorexia.. as a child i was taught right from wrong, about
Jesus dying for my sins, as a young person i got caught up in this secret
destructive behavior to escape my painful world and try to capture an
image of 'if only i was thinner'... the more i lost, harder i tried to
continue to obtain vain imaginations of this hope that almost killed me
than i tried killing myself trying to get there with extreme vomiting,
binging and cutting my wrists to escape life when nothing else worked.
All the while, inside i asked God to heal me and finally He did but i
had to go on a journey to find out who i was, in CHRIST,,..our
identities are so different than the images we see on the cover of magazines.. i
had to surrender to GOd all control.. forsake the weight scales,
obsessive food pattern habits, counting numbers on jeans and jars.. a total
devotion to HIM. Food was not my idol or god.. but it controlled me. A
faithful woman fasted for me while i was seeking recovery, something
happened. The depression broke, (immediate healing from binge/purge) and
after 18 months the midsets were totally gone. The monster inside was
released and now today, it's been
9 yrs~~~ of TOTAL HEALING... freedom God wants the same for you.. don't
despair... He's here and real bigger than our imaginations can believe
how deep His love for us is....
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Bless U!
San Diego CA There is hope!!!!! Because of Jesus! There is hope.

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