Living the real life - for Jesus

Greeting in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ:
I want to give thanks to Jesus for saving my life. Last year I was in
an abusive relationship and God delivered me from that relationship. I
was 20 years old and I wanted to grow up too fast, I was dating someone
that was ungodly. This person cared about the world and didn't want to
change. Even though I tried helping him change and I was too in love to
leave him. Put God heard my prayers and he answered it. It was a
miracle how in the matter of no time I found strength and left the boy. A
friend invited me to church and I got saved.2 months later baptized and 8
months later married by childhood sweetheart who is also a believer and
christian.God open my eyes and I love him so much. I always say that I
gave satan 20 years of my life and it was miserable. everytime I was
happy it became temporarily. Satan reels u in and when u are at your
lowest he leaves u. Do you know who is always there to pick you up God.
whenever u need something God is always there to give it to you.He
answer your prayer before u even ask, that's because he knows the
heart. christian life is the best, whenever am sad I remember that God is
right there by myside.We were born to worship God and I am going to
continue doing just that because I enjoy it.Satan is a liar and deciever,
whatever he has to offer is always temporarily. Gods love and words are
enternal, everlasting and endless.This world belongs to satan ours is
in heaven so put your head towards heaven and not of the things of this
May god be with you all. amen

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