What a price to pay, drugs ruin basketball dreams

From India

It all started when I was a freshman in high school. I was on
the after school activity bus. The basketball players and I would go home
on the same bus after b-ball practice. They would smoke pot everyday
after practice. The players would offer me to take a hit and I would
say no. They asked and asked until one day I said yes. I tried it and I
liked it. Not knowing what was in store for me at that particular
time. So I smoked weed all of my high school years at Lindbergh Sr. High.
I thought it was a great thing to get high.

So when I got out of high school I did not become that
professional b-ball player. For one, grades were bad and I rather skip class and
hang in the halls all the time. Then it got to the point were I tried
all kinds of drugs such as; Tylenol pills, heroine, cocaine (crack) and
many other drugs. Wow, I Did Not Know that by me entering into drugs
(weed) that I would be trying other drug products.

But one day I was getting high on some heroine and some sort of
pills, my heart had stopped for 11 minutes. I was with some friends
getting high all day and Wow I Did Not Know that this could have been my
last day on this earth to live. I also went into a coma and stayed in
it for 10 days. The drugs had caused me to be brain damage and I was in
critical condition. The right side of my brain suffered the effects
and it paralyzed the left side of my body. Wow, I Did Not Know that weed
was setting me up for this kind of tragedy. I thought that all I was
going to do was smoke weed but I was tricked by the weed scheme.

I use a wheelchair now. I walk with a walker now to go to church
and other short distances. My dreams of being a professional
basketball player are destroyed now. My reflexes to catch a ball are thrown off
a great deal because of damage nerves. “Wow I Did Not Know that drugs
were trying to kill me. All I wanted to do was have fun and drugs got
very serious with me and tried to wipe me out. What a price to pay.

So now I am in church thanking God for freeing me from drugs
because he is the only one that can clean you up from any drug addiction. I
owe it all to him and you have a chance to receive his cleansing power,
just go to him and be real because he knows what’s best for you. You
are someone that he made and it hurts him (Jesus) to watch you harm
yourself. So get clean because you can be the next person to see a similar
tragedy. Amen! I have a book that will be published soon and it’s
called. I DID NOT KNOW this letter is an outline of the story. If you
would like to buy it and see all of the footage of the story e-mail me
sometime it would be good for you to give to your 8th grade child or a
kid that you know that has potential and love sports, too buy it for
him as a gift. It will be the best gift you can ever give to your clean
child or an athlete. It might encourage him to quit or seek counseling
to quit. We know that real stories as this will cause a few of
them(people) to not try drugs or even seek the cleaner,(Jesus) to be
free from drugs. My book is also about being aware of what you put
your hands to do. Talks to you later, please order the book. It will be
ready soon, ok.
May the grace of God be
with you always,
EMAIL: IMiraclechild@aol.com

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