Life Altered by Christ

Life Altered by Christ Chuck Kruder

Just another cold January day in 1998, receiving another series of allergy injections for wasps. I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary, but then no one ever does. I had already received desensitizing injections for a bee allergy for four years and had recently started on the wasp injections. The doctors were humoring me since the wasp allergy didn’t register on the series of allergy testing, however, I am certain that a previous sting that lead to severe anaphylactic shock was from a wasp sting.

That day I received an injection that contained a 33% dose of venom of a wasp sting. Within minutes, with no physicians in attendance, I went into anaphylactic shock and coded. This is where my life-altering story begins. This was the most painful experience I had ever encountered. I was, at that point, feeling every system in my body shutting down. My throat was closing, heart was racing, excruciating pain circulating throughout my body. Before losing consciousness, with eyes open, I was blinded by a bright light, the pain ceased and a warmth came over me. From that point forward I remember nothing in the human form but only that of spirit. I was taken to a place of torture which to the world of the living is known as hell. I knew this was my destiny. I was conscious of a feeling of solitude and darkness. This was a place of no rest, gnashing of teeth . I thought I knew what it was to lead a good life, what it took to get into heaven. The end was here, for eternity.

Out of the darkness came a light and it was God. I felt his overwhelming presence, a safety I’ve never known before, a love so great that He chose to save me from the fiery death. Something I knew I did not deserve. Who was I to receive this grace? He sent me back to the flesh to tell others the truth before it’s too late.

When returning home from the hospital life was different, everything had changed. I saw the world for what it really was, vile and not of God. It made me nauseous. My marriage to an alcoholic wife was brought into full view, my 60-70 hour job as a car dealership service director, ranked in the top 1% of the nation, suddenly meant nothing. The next year and a half I struggled with my marriage, job, drug and other addictions, while seeking out God’s plan for my life. I felt isolated. I was not part of any church, had no Christian friends and didn’t know where to turn.

While on my ranch, God intervened. He told me to place a life size cross on the hill in my hay field which is at the rear of the ranch, which I did on a rainy, spring day. This was my place of meditation and worship and my struggle for the truth began.

In the summer of 1998 I had an encounter with a fortuneteller. Although I now realize that they are the hand of Satan, she told me truths that could not be denied. Among other things, she told me of my past death experiences, that I would never die again and that I had thousands of angels at my side, with a look of astonishment on her face. She informed me that in the year 2000 I would drop everything I was doing and come to someone’s side. At that moment of course I was thinking in earthly terms and assumed it would be one of my parents, but I realize now that it was the Lord she was referring to.

That incident wouldn’t leave my mind. I started thinking about how many times God had tried to get my attention and I ignored Him. The following are witnessed events that at the time they occurred should have dropped me to my knees, but in my worldly self, I labeled unlucky.


1990 I acquired a death allergy to wasp stings only a handful of people in the world have a death allergy to insects /most are foods or food dyes

SUMMER 1991 - WHILE WORKING ON FARM CLEANING OUT OLD OUT BUILDINGS WAS STUNG BY A WASP. WENT IN SEVERE ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK WHICH RESULTED IN UNCONSCIOUSNESS, CLOSING OF AIRWAY AND SHUT DOWN OF BODILY FUNCTIONS. AFTER A 13 MILE DRIVE TO THE HOSPITAL WAS RECESSITATED IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM. SUMMER 1994- WHILE WORKING ON THE FARM I WAS STUNG BY A BEE AND SUFFERED A SEVERE REACTION. PROCEEDED TO UNDERGO ALLERGY TESTING WHICH DETERMINED AN ALLERGY TO BEES. STARTED TO UNDERGO 4 YEARS OF ALLERGY DESENSITIZING INJECTIONS FOR BEES Returning to my struggle in 1998, the next year and a half was a time of trials and tribulations. My marriage was deteriorating rapidly in spite of counseling, and the pressure for performance at work was beyond what I was able to give. I was seeking God with daily visits to my sanctuary on the hill but was still struggling to make sense of it all.

In August 1999 I knew my marriage was destroying what God was building in me. It was coming to an end in spite of my prayers to save it. It was at that point that the divorce brought me to my knees. I was a broken man. The world had betrayed me, my wife, my job and everything I once knew as true. God finally had me where He wanted me but I didn’t get it yet. I was on an emotional roller coaster, still a man of the flesh. I was lost in the desert and couldn’t find my way out.

. The flesh and Spirit were battling out my future while I was unaware. Out of the blue, I joined a bible study . We met weekly and began to build a root in Christ. It took about six months for Phil to convince me to attend his non-denominational church. I was still only a babe in Christ, living on milk but would soon graduate to solid meat in Spirit.

I was growing rapidly during this time. My visits to the cross were becoming more frequent and my prayer life was increasing dramatically.Prays were being anwsered at amazing rates. I would spend hours in praise and worship. My eyes were opened to the Truth in my life. Although I had tried to quit my 25-year, three pack a day smoking habit many times before; it wasn’t until I had given it up to God that the desire left overnight. The same happened with my 15-year drug habit and the 15-year obsession with pornography. God took those mountains from my life and cast them away. The evolution had begun. The fleshy man was still in existence but being killed off more and more each day.

During this period at the end of 1999 and beginning of 2000, I experienced what I call “the three days of fire”. For three days I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat; I didn’t go to work. My mind was constantly flashing all of the evil things I had done in my life. I was consumed . I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. At the end of the three days I was able to go back to work and function in the world, but something that I couldn’t put my finger on had changed.

Shortly after that, during my usual praise and worship time, I was disheartened by my lack of understanding of the events that had taken place. I asked God “why me?” and when I opened the Bible it opened to a verse that said, “for those who have been chosen and given much, much will be expected.” Several days later it happened again, I asked God a question during meditation and again when I opened the Bible, I received an answer. I had told my small group at church and the pastor of my church about my experiences. That I was a prophet resurrected. To say the least, it was not received well. I began to have doubts again and totally turned away from the church. The sea-saw that I was on was taking a toll on me. What was happening to me? Was this all happening because of my near-death experience? Is it really possible? Again God revealed himself to me during meditation. He gave me 2Corinthians 2:12, which says “whether it was in the body or out of the body, I do not know, b! ut God knows. And I know this man whether in body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows, was caught up into paradise and he heard inexpressible things...”which gave me faith that flesh and spirit could be separated by God. This was all the confidence I needed.

Even though battles were being won, the war was far from over. God could not work through me because I had not yet been totally broken. Throughout my life I had always managed to survive because of my strong will. Surrender was not in my vocabulary. On a Sunday morning, during meditation, after retreating from the church and Christianity as I knew it, God intervened again with a power I never thought possible.Worldly logic would no longer matter. What took place 3 days later would change my life forever.

While making my evening trip to the cross out back, God intervened with a sign I could not write off to logic. The path I take to get to the back field is bordered by fencerow on one side and woods on the other. As I started out I noticed that a tree limb 6-8” inches in diameter was lying straight across the path as if to block my way. I moved the limb and continued on. As I rounded the corner about 100 feet further down the path; there was another limb, same size, again lying across the path. Neither one of them had touched the fence which seemed strange to me at the time. By then, I was beginning to feel uneasy. Again moving about 100 feet down the path I came upon another limb, same position as the others, lying across the path. There were no signs that a man would have left them had they been cut down and placed there. The trees came down from different directions, it could not have happened from the wind. By this time I knew someone was intervening, I just didn’t kno! w who. I had this feeling of resistance yet I was determined to continue. Two more times this same thing happened. At the last bend before the hayfield there is a ravine which at this time of day was very dark. As I made the turn and started the downward slope I was stopped suddenly by two very large limbs that literally make an X over the path. One tree was still rooted and was bent supporting the treetop on the other side of the path. My anxiety now turned to determination; I was bound to make it to the cross.

During meditation at the cross, crying uncontrollably, Looking back, I now know that God wanted by final surrender. My will was not my own and only His mattered. I came back to the present on my knees with my arms lifted, begging for forgiveness asking Jesus to save me. I vowed to do His will. An overwhelming warmth, peace and joy started at my fingertips and moved to my chest. My body was encased in sense of euphoria so great; nothing in this world could compare. About 1 hour later I raced back to the house to called a friend. I was feeling both positive and negative, good and evil. I wanted to touch base with someone I could trust. I got a hold of George and he headed to my house which would take 40 minutes.During that time things began were falling off walls. Still distraught, I called Phil for reassurance. As I was relaying all that had happened, Phil explained about spiritual gifts and Jesus.The phone line went dead; however, the phone kept ringing for several min! utes. George arrived and I took him to see the fallen trees to verify what happened.We spent the next several hours reading scripture trying to make sense of it all. The next ten days revealed more signs. While in meditation I opened my eyes and saw the face of Jesus in the glass of my sliding door. In unbelief, I stood and walked to the door. I scrutinized the likeness from different angles for 3 to 4 minutes. There was no way this was a figment of my imagination.

A few days later, during worship, I received vivid visions of the crucifixion. I was there, standing below my Lord, as He hung on the cross. I could see His broken heart, His bleeding side. How I wept, He died for me. This vision lasted many days. It was constantly on my mind, consuming me. Until it brought me to my knees.

The next day I was on my way to the cross I heard an audible voice said. “Watch”. I continued to the cross and worshipped. When finished, I sat and gazed over the field. Hundreds of fireflies were lighting up the field just as it was getting dusk. Suddenly they disappeared, not one to be seen. Out of the corner of the woods came a mist. A very distinct trail of fog-like cloud floated to the center of the field. It began a ballet type swirling movement towards the sky. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Once again a peace enveloped me. Within minutes the mist disappeared and the fireflies returned.

I’m learning to expect these kinds of events, they happen frequently. God is gentle with me but shows me often how to be humble by putting obstacles in my path. He teaches me as I go, and I do have a long way to go. By His grace, He qualifies the called, not call the qualified. Why He chose me I still haven’t figured out. But I thank Him every hour of the day. Through grace, I have received many gifts of the Holy Spirit including prophecy.

I am writing this for only one reason, I‘ve been given a cup to drink and I will drink it. Behold , marvel and perish. I do a work in your day, a work you will not believe but it is, I must tell you so. I am sent as a watchman even though most have fallen asleep allowing the evil one to conquer. I will not let the enemy come close for my voice shall be a sword to protect the people. I only hope they have not become deaf from this worlds constant noises that deaden our spiritual ears. The spirit of the Lord is upon me being anointed I give faith to the meek, mend the broken hearted, free the captives of this world and make the blind see in Jesus. I come with full armor, helmet, breastplate, sword, garment of vengeance to take back the ground which the evil one has taken. We are in the end of times! As the Word states... Can you not see the sign of the times....Has the world numbed you?Is God your steering wheel or have you hidden Him in the trunk as your spare, only to! pull Him out when you need Him? I have seen the terrain ahead and I would rather have Him steering my direction, wouldn’t you? What you need is JESUS, A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM AND THE POWER OF THE CROSS-.

My Lord says that we should learn through His example on the cross. You must have faith in God. We must hang on our own cross before the face of God, go through our trials and tribulations of this world without the crutches of today that so many of us rely on. So many people get caught up in the “world”, the good jobs, the money, the “stuff” that we tend to forget God until catastrophe hits. We cannot sedate our bodies with drugs, alcohol, or anything that gives us quick “fix”. We must face our trials and tribulations as He did without gall (wine mixed with myrrh, a sedative). So that we only hang there a little while .The message peter gives us when he walked upon the water was that if we always focus on JESUS we may stumble but will have power .Do not despise the gifts of the spirit…….. holy, holy holy. He is the answer.

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