The prayer of faith heals the sick -- Healed of Dangerously low blood levels, TTP

On May 20, 2002, I was at work with not even the strength to stand upright. No one at work could figure out what was wrong with me so they had the employee ambulance take me to the hospital. At that hospital they told me that my blood levels were dangerously low and they sent me to another hospital in the city. While at the second hospital, a hematologist figured out what the condition was, TTP, and immediately sent me to a hospital two hours away that could treat the conditon.

While at this hospital I underwent treatments while relying mostly on what the doctor's said would be the best for me and not truly relying on God. I got out of the hospital and 6 days later was right back in. These same doctors that I had relied on so much wanted to do all kinds of experimental treatments and could give me no guarantee that they would work at all. They were running out of time because the condition was getting worse. I called my Apostle and Prophetess and asked them to pray for me because the doctors were talking crazy. They told me before they prayed that I had to sell my self out totally to God and when I told God I was His and only His they prayed and oh boy did God move.

God had me walking out of the hospital less than a week later TOTALLY HEALED! I can not begin to thank God enough for loving me enough to save my soul and heal my body. Glory be to the mighty name of God for he said in his word that he would never leave us or forsake us. Praise! God!
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