I was in control and that was it -- Delivered from Alcohol.

I always believed in God, I just didn't always acknowledge His presence in my life, especially when I was living a very sinful life And not even trying to live as a Christian. He was always there in the Back of my mind, memories of being in church as a child, Sunday school Class and singing in the choir, but when I became an adult I just Didn't need him in my life, I was in control and that was it.

Alcoholism is an inheritance I really could have lived without, but as I drank my Years away, I was in total denial and my life spiraled into utter turmoil. I was blessed with 2 husbands and 5 children and drank away the hours Using my first husband's abuse as an excuse, then I sobered up and got a Divorce. I stayed sober with the help of AA for three years. Then I Started drinking again after I remarried and the birth of my fourth child. I Used the stress of 4 children and our financial situation as an excuse.

We did the geographical move and relocated to the West Coast! Leaving all of my family on the East Coast. Years of searching for the Answers in a bottle led me to God, we needed help financially and my Husband was invited to church by the people we received help from. We Went to church on a regular basis, still abusing the alcohol, I attended Church many a Sunday with a hangover, barely being able to stand to sing The worship songs. Still we continued attending and became members of Our church. I saw the alcohol abuse as a sin against my body and felt Guilty about drinking, I would try not to drink on Saturdays so I could Attend church the next day without the bloodshot eyes and hangover. Then I started to pray to God about my addiction, I would be so drunk and Praying on my knees, tears flooding my cheeks in a drunken stupor, I Would ask him to take this addiction from me, I had to give it to him, I Was not strong enough to do this on my own.

In his own time, he sent 2 people from our church to our house one night when I was drinking! As usual, they invited us to a revival in which I replied no way, I have been drinking. They poured the beer down the sink, loaded up my Children, husband and myself into the church van and off we went. I sat Under the tent listening to the beautiful singing and wondering if anyone Could see that I had been drinking. Feeling so dirty and shameful.

People prayed, I saw people healed that night, my husband was slain in The spirit, and that night I was healed from the disease that had Tortured my life for so many years. People laid hands on me and prayed in a Language that was not familiar to me. I was just so consumed by the Spirit, and when I left that tent, I had feelings in me I had never felt Before. That was 4 years ago, I have not even had the desire for alcohol, God truly took it away from me. The way I vision it, Jesus had to carry Me in his arms, I could not walk away from this addiction by myself. There was only one set of footprints in the sand and I will always Remember that vision, I had to surrender and then I was healed. I have! Truly been blessed, I am so glad I don't have to be in control of my Life any longer, I have God and he loves me so much!
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