Parents are teachers too!

Many of us can quickly name that one special teacher that we remember from our childhood, who influenced our lives in a way that would truly shape our future. For some, it was the third grade music teacher that continually encouraged you to sing from your diaphragm, join the school choir, and build that beautiful voice. Or maybe it was the Sunday school teacher that first told you of Jesus’ love for you, how He suffered and died for you, and that He would be your forever friend. But for many, when asked the question of who you recall as the teacher that influenced your life the most, the answer is simply this: my parents.` In a recent meeting with a principal of a local high school, I was enlightened by her opinion of parents’ roles in teaching their children today. Ms. Harris, who has taught for twenty years, is still vibrantly passionate about growing knowledge, influencing children’s lives, and encouraging goals. She is steadfast in the belief that we, as parents, have the chance to provide a safe and secure environment for our children, one in which they can flourish - emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. She shared with me a study performed on National Honor Society students in which the results were plain and simple. One of the highest personal characteristics of these high-achieving students was “I consider myself a religious person,” with better than 60% stating that they attend church regularly. Without parental involvement and encouragement, these children, like our own, would not know of the many joys a relationship with Jesus could bring.` In today’s society, we are so rushed with outside activities and engagements that we tend to forget one of the most important things in life, and that is that each and every one of us has received a great command to go into the world and teach about Jesus Christ. There is no better place for our children to develop an overpowering love for our Lord than at home, with the teachers they admire most. As parents, we need to become involved in our church and show our children how driven we are to spread the great Word. Remember that a successful child comes not only from a good academic teacher, a kind Sunday school teacher, but a spiritual and strong teacher from home as well. Let the spirituality continue as you leave church on Sunday. Pray with your children daily, read the Bible with them, and encourage questions and discussions about Jesus. I say this because it is from you, Mom and Dad, that they will retain the most memories and teachings.
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