God my deliverer

My name is Laurence. I was born in a town called Barnstaple in North Devon, England. I grew up in a small seaside town called Ilfracombe. From an early age I began to be interested in tennis. Within a few years by the time I was twelve years old I had already attained a reasonable level. I became a local champion winning quite a few competitions.

After a while I could see that if I wanted to progress further I would need a full-time coach. My dad found one for me in another seaside town called Torquay.

He was a very good coach and in no time at all I was making great strides and improving fast.

By the time I was sixteen I decided to leave school and try and make a career out of tennis. My coach invited me to go and live with him where I could help him in his coaching work and at the same time he would help me to make it as a Professional tennis player. I agreed even though I was a little scared of him as he was a very aggressive man and I was naive and probably the most timid boy in the country. I thought it would be a good step for my career and as tennis was the most important thing in my life(I lived for tennis) I agreed to go.

My parents didn't stand in my way, which in retrospect, perhaps they should have done, after all I was only 16. In their defense however they could see how important tennis was to me and they let me go.

Things were fine for a while, I was earning money and I enjoyed the extra coaching sessions(for free). My relationship with my coach improved, although to be honest I was still scared as he could be quite severe and explosive with his temper if I did something he didn't like, some of it deserved, other times I'm not so sure.

As I said things were ok until one day out of the blue my coach decided that I would no longer be able to sleep on the sofa as it was damaging to the sofa to have someone constantly sleeping on it and I would have to sleep in his bed from now on. As naive as I was I thought nothing of it although perhaps I should have been suspicious. That night he masturbated me. I felt dirty, disgusted with myself and very ashamed that I hadn't had the guts to react and to do something.

As I have already mentioned I was incredibly timid, I wouldn't have said boo to a goose. I was afraid to react, this guy frightened me. All of a sudden I felt very alone. My parents were 100 miles away, I had no real friends I could talk to. I was afraid even to tell anyone. I thought they might condmemn me because I hadn't done anything to stop him so I kept quiet, pretending nothing had happened. This carried on for years after that. I had to put up with rumours in all the tennis circles that we were lovers when all the time all I wanted to do was get away, to get out of this nightmare.

I got so desperate that I tried to commit suicide, I drank a bottle of whisky and I took what must have been close to 30 paracetomols. I also tried to slit my wrists but it was too painful(I obviously hadn't drunk enough whisky). The next morning I woke up covered in vomit, the only thing that was going through my head was 'shit it didn't work, I'm still alive'. I spent the whole of that day throwing up and thought I was going to die.

My coach was obviously shocked but couldn't understand why I had done it. I had tried a few times to confront him about what was happening but to no avail, as far as he was concerned he had done nothing wrong.

In the past I had tried to get away from him, to return home to my parents but he would tell me that I would be nothing without him, that I didn't have what it takes to make it in life. He told me that if I went back to Ilfracombe I would end up on the scrapheap, on the dole with no prospects.

Being someone who wasn't sure of himself anyway, I was severely lacking in self-confidence, I believed him and so it continued and even got worse. I eventually became so deadened to the situation that I even engaged in sexual acts that completely disgusted me, I didn't care anymore, I felt no self-worth, I hated myself for what I had become, for what I had let happen.

At one stage I even contemplated killing my coach. We were on the island of Malta where we were spending the winter. I was training with the Maltese davis cup team. I had it all worked out. I would get hold of some sleeping pills, crush them into a drink which I would offer to my coach just before going to bed. When he was fast asleep I would get the hammer and bash his ugly head into tiny pieces.

After a while he moved out permanently to live and work in Malta. By this time I had become more or less totally dependent on him, I had been brainwashed into thinking that alone I was inadequate. Anyway he left me in England to fend for myself. I took over his former jobs and to begin with I really enjoyed my new found freedom but It was a real struggle to make ends meet and I felt myself still needing a crutch as though I was incapable of making it on my own.

As a consequence I spent the winters in Malta. The winters were especially bad for a tennis coach in England who didn't have the facilities, I just didn't have enough to survive the winter and my coach persuaded me that I should spend my winters in Malta. I din't want to but I didn't know what else to do. I certainly didn't want to go back to Ilfracombe and end up on the dole otherwise I felt that I would get 'I told you so' from my coach.

One summer I met a girl called Eve. She was just the most beautiful thing. I fell in love with her, I was besotted. At last I thought I had found someone who could help me out of my terrible situation. I wanted to tell her but I was afraid of rejection. I didn't want to lose her, she was the best thing to happen in my life.

The winter trips to Malta continued. The feelings of guilt got worse, I couldn't stand it any longer. One day on a rock in Malta by the edge of the sea I cried out to God for the first time in my life. Isn't it funny how people cry out to God when things are desperate. I asked him to take my life, that I couldn't stand it anymore, that I'd rather die than go on like this.

I began to refuse to do the things my coach wanted me to do, from somewhere I had found the strength to resist. One night he offered to pay me for my services. Suddenly it all clicked, it all became clear like a bright shining light. I knew I had to get out of this situation for good. It had gotten to the lowest of lows to where I was being treated as a prostitute when God spoke into my situation in response to my cry.

He showed me the sinfulness of my situation. Before that I had blocked it all out as if I had locked it all away and thrown away the key, I didn't allow myself to think about it, but now it was clear, I had to get out.

All of a sudden I felt God's presence so near, revealing himself to me through creation. I began to see things differently, I began to see things through God's eyes. Within a few days I was back in England and I was free! Never again did I go back to Malta and it was several years before I even saw my coach again.

I had to tell Eve. I couldn't go on living a lie. She took it well considering but it did change our relationship. She moved away onto new pastures and our relationship ended. I was devastated but in my pain God was there. He helped me through it and he healed me. I cried almost every day but God was so good. After a while the joy of the Lord hit me like a ton of bricks and those next few months were the best of my life. I witnessed to everything that moved about how God had touched my life but until now have never shared the full story.

He put a wonderful woman in my path called Gabrielle who is now my wife. We now have two gorgeous children called Emmanuelle and Naomi. Whereas before I was living in a dingy bedsit in Torquay scraping a living I now have a lovely house and a good job which I really enjoy.

Things have not been easy, I have had to struggle to overcome my problems but God has always been there, he has never left me. He has helped me through it all and I know that he will never leave me and that one day I will be with him in Heaven where there will be no more pain or tears or evil.

He has helped me to forgive my coach. I feel no anger or bitterness. I have visited him once since I Ieft the island of Malta all those years ago. I went with my wife(who knows all about what happened) to visit him in Torquay with my first child about 3 years ago. I have been able to put it all behind me thanks to the grace of God. I don't feel guilt anymore. God has cleasned me and now I know that by the cleansing flow of his blood which he poured out at Calvary he sees me as white as snow.

I have a bright future and my dark and ugly past in but a distant memory. I thank God and I praise him that he took me out of that pit and he has blessed my life.

If you are going through a dark and ugly place, I urge you to cry out to God. He can lift you out of that pit and turn your mourning into Joy.
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