Couple delivered from drugs and alcohol, marriage restored

Hi, I'm a believer who used to have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Jesus Christ has delivered me from both addictions.

I grew up in a "normal middle class" family who went to church every Sunday, but never really got to know Jesus personally. After 15 years of marriage my husband & I separated for about 5 months. Our entire relationship had been a party, party atmosphere. When we got back together I started going to AA and stayed sober for two years until one night my husband made me so angry I took a drink (it was the only one I took). This started another separation which was to last for about 5 months again. I realized that I couldn't continue to live with him and have to fight every day to maintain my sobriety while he was still drinking.

When I finally got happy with the situation, God decided to pay my husband a visit and show him his life if he continued the way he was going and He also showed him what it could be like if he chose to follow Him. My husband chose the Lord but it took me 2 months to believe him even though I'd been praying for him for 2 years! We got saved November 15, 1999 and renewed our wedding vows to celebrate our 20th anniversary May 26, 2000!

Our marriage has been restored better than it ever was before, our children (2 boys, 17 & 15)have both been saved. We praise the Lord every day for what He has done in our lives. My husband and I now have a ministry in our church to help others who suffered as we did.

We have also recently bought a house to use as a half-way house when both of our boys have graduated. Praise God for His miracles that He continues to perform every day!

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