Give and it shall be given unto you

I have been a Christian for 6 years now. Earlier this year I began praying that God would let me help someone in need. I began to look earnestly for someone to help. God told me to think about my family first. I did, and came up with the idea that a step-sister of mine could use some financial help. God has blessed me with resources and so I sent this sister a check. I couldn't believe it when she called me in tears to tell me that she had been praying to God for financial help and that she had told herself, that if God would help her this one time she would devote herself to Jesus Christ. Two weeks later she did just that and was baptized. It still brings tears to my eyes to know that our God answered my prayers and hers at the same time, and used me to bring her to himself. Praise the Lord, He surely hears our prayers.
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