Back-slidden Christian recommitts life to Jesus

I was brought up in a christian home,but this did not make me a christian,at the age of 15 I give myself to the Lord Jesus christ. But ater a while I backslid,started drinking, sleeped on the streets, until I was 25 years old, and I made a full commitment, and recommitted my life to Jesus Christ. Was fully delivered from the drink, and since then, God has used me, as a prayer-intercessor, and now God is using me as The United Kingdom Prayer-chain Administrator,uniting all "Born-Again" christians churches to pray for a great revivial, which I believe shall come across the united kingdom, and across europe.

Yes, we may be rich, poor,feel rejected, and have a emty voidness in our hearts. But The RISEN Lord Jesus Christ can heal anyone's heart, and forgive anyone of their sins, for this is why He died for YOU and for me, to set us free within our hearts.

God brought me, a back-slidden Christian back from the gutter, and used me for His Glory, and He can do the same for you my friend.

Much Love to all, God LOVES YOU.
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