Hello, My name is Stacy

I have been living in Idaho for most of my life. I was raised around drugs and alchol. I had smoked my first joint at the age of 8. Got drunk at the age of 12 from then on I was always drinking getting into trouble with the law. At the age of 21 I was drinking every day smoking weed daily for years. I never knew what living sober or clean was like. I was always around family partying all the time. It was my life it is what I did. I was introduced to Meth. (crank or speed) I started smoking the drug and snorting it. I eventually started using a needle to shoot it into my arm. My life fell apart and through all different circumstances I ended up in jail many times. I was stealing, lieing, cheating, and all together I just knew that deep down inside me I was no good! I almost lost my life several times. I stole from my friends and family. I was out of mind. I couldn't even think clearly. I ended up in jail and had learned that my boyfriend had been murdered. I was even more devistated when I was watching the news in jail, and seen that my Uncle, My step dad, My friend had all been involved. My uncle shot and killed him. I was so broken down and distraught they put me in a cell by myself out of population with the other women.

I knew that my life was crazy and I was at my lowest. I remember crying and telling my Uncle at one time that Satan was out to get me. I was scared and ready to die. I didn't see any way out of this life I was living. While in jail they called us for a church service. I had never heard that Jesus Christ loved me and died for me. The lady asked me if I would like to recieve Jesus to live in my heart. I remember crying so much for so long over the loss I had suffered that my eyes were almost swallon shut. I said YES I want Jesus. I invited the Lord to live in my heart, that day. I went back to my cell and started reading the bible. Since then I had stumbled and went back out and did drugs again. But something was different this time. I had a desire to read the bible. And knew that this was not Jesus's will for me to do drugs. I went to jail again. For 3 months while waiting to go to a treatment center. I had read in the book of Romans ch 7 that we do the things we wish we wouldn't. I had also learned that the spirit and the flesh are constantly fighting each other. I knew that Jesus was with me even though I fell back into drugs and was in jail again. I learned that my heart was wicked. In Jeremiah 17:9-10 says: The heart is deceitful above all things who can understand it? But in Ezeikel 36:26 He says that he will give us a new heart and a new spirit. I read and breathed the word while I was waiting for that bed in treatment. I knew that the Lord was doing a work in me. I lost everything in this world. No job, no car, no nothing. But I did manage to keep my 2 kids and my Jesus.

It has been 3 years in January that the Lord delivered me from the drugs and alchol. I got back every thing the enemy has stolen from me, with intrest. I prayed for a christian husband for almost 2 years. 10 months ago I married a man I met at bible study. He loves Jesus so much and we are both in jail ministries. The Lord restored my mind and my heart and made me a new person.

May the Lord bless you!
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