Do you not know you are loved?

It was July 30th 1991, I was crossing the street in between two traffic island when I was struck by a car.I remember very little of what happend next. I remember seeing glass shatter, flying and wishing I could fly forever since it would hurt when I hit. I remember skidding after landing on my head, and burning, it was so hot.

Then I woke up in a hospital, this is the providence that I missed seeing but not recieving. The car behind the car that hit me stopped and 3 emergency room nurses from a local hospital began working on me till the ambulance arrived(they were on their way home). One of my friends ran to one block from my house and then walked the rest of the way to ensure that he would be able to talk clearly. He brought my mom who told the paramedics to take me to Butterworth hospital instead of the nearest one.

On the way I slipped into a shock induced comma. I was later told that the nearest hospital didn't have a trauma unit and I probably would have died there.But that wasn't His plan. after arriving the hurried my mom to a waiting room where she pleaded with God to save me. She was told that I was in a comma, that I had a closed head injury, that if IF I lived the night I'd be in a comma for the rest of my life and that if I did awaken I would be severly brain damaged, a vegtable and if nothing else when I became stable enough they would amputate my badly broken leg.

Mean while a doctor got home and realised that he had forgotten something at the hospital and left to reteive it. Still she prayed. I regained consciousness and was panicking as I couldn't speak with the tubes they had run down my throught to keep me breathing. I was given a legal pad and a pencil, I pondered wheather to write in cursive or print. I remember thinking that my penmanship was bad but if these were nurses they could read doctors writing they could read mine. At that point a nurse said " he might not know what they are" I looked at her and printed "I want water". My head was examined by MRI and there was no exstensive brain damage.

The doctor arrived and when he was leaving he was stopped to consult on my leg. He was the best bone surgon in the state and promptly told them to put a cast on my leg and he would put a rod in the bone. If he had not come back they would have amputated my leg, if my friend hadn't brought my mom in time I would have died, if the nurses hadn't been going home I would've died. But " all things work together" and rather than die I left the hospital 8 days later walking on crutches.

I told an older woman my story and she said to me "did you not know that you are loved? That the same Lord who died to save you watches over you still?"
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