Fear and lack of sleep, turn to joy as man accepts Jesus as his saviour

I have been saved since February. I've never felt more secure than I have felt in the arms of God. The vision that I saw as I accepted Christ as my saviour made my day of salvation even more special than I had anticipated, but I'll explain that later.

The week before I was saved was the worst week of my life !!! It was a Monday morning and I was about to go to work. All of a sudden a fear fell on me like I had never felt. It was so intense that I called off sick from work. I was in constant anxiety for the entire day. I couldn't even step out the front door. That night as I tried to sleep I felt a doomed presence all around me. When I finally got to sleep I was drawn into violent, blood drenched nightmares. " There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. "

I would shake out of my sleep covered with sweat and horrified. So afraid that I didn't want to go back to sleep. That same gloomy presence was all about the bedroom. The rest of the night I was in and out. Every time I would open my eyes I would look at the clock trying to estimate how much longer I would have to try to rest. My job was very physical and I needed a lot of rest. Finally, the sun rose. I was exhausted. I missed work again.

The whole day was dreadful. Consumed by fear. My beautiful wife had rededicated her life to the Lord in September 2000. I talked to her about my torment, and being led by the Spirit she gave me a recording of her pastor. I don't recall the exact message, but for me to even give it a chance was a miracle. I was into hard music, hard drugs, filthy conversation and hate towards everyone. I was desperate.

Tuesday night came. It was spent in the same way that Monday night was. So was Wenesday afternoon, Wed. night, and Thursday morning. This was the fourth day I called off work with no excuse. I was completely drained of energy from lack of food and sleep. The only thought I had was " I'm slowly dying."

It was true. I had to make a move, but I didn't know how. I didn't want to lose my job, so I called my boss and explained what was happening. He was a Christian. I would at least request prayer.

He asked me to come and talk with him after work hours. I agreed. When I arrived at the shop my boss and his brother were waiting. I sat with them in their office and for 2 hours they witnessed to me about Jesus. We had fellowship before I knew the meaning. Most of my family are saved, so I knew a lot of the stories of the bible. Things started winding down when my boss asked me, " Terry, would you like to give your life to Christ?"

Yes I did. We knelt down and began to pray and as my eyes were closed I saw the holy angels take hold of my arms, legs, and shoulders and rather than lift the burden from me, they lifted me out of the burden and into the most precious presence of the Most High God!!!!!!!

I don't know why I didn't seek Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, my Healer, the Deliverer of my soul before Thursday, Feb. 8 , 2001. I was a captive, but now I'm free !!! I slept comfortably that night. All night.
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