Part 3 Tommy Richards Testimony

I was reading the Bible probably ten hours a day for weeks. In Psalms I was totally in tune with King David, when Christ spake I was often filled with joy, and at other times with great fear, the apostle Pauls writings the continuation of the Word made flesh.

Until one morning I snapped out of sleep and went towards the T.V. I felt the Holy Spirit all around me as I turned it on and began changing the channel I knew God was guiding me as I stopped and right then this man's face took up the whole screen and the first words out of his mouth was, "If you havn't accepted Jesus into your life, I want you to say this prayer with me. Come on, get on your knees and say this prayer." I of course got right down on my knees knowing that this was ordained of God, and fully aware that Christ did what He did for me, and He didn't want to do it (Luke 22:44; Matt 26:39; Heb 12:2).

But that He did it for me personally is basically beyond comprehension. I just know God hates sin. But I repeated after that man as he lead me through the sinners prayer and I felt my sins washed away in the atoning blood of Christ and felt the forgiveness from God directly for my sins and Then I invited Jesus into my heart and felt Him come in and I actually felt the demons that were in my body flea and I knew God was then my Father and I His son and I worshipped God and praised Him weeping with joy and vowing to serve Him till the end which is what He demands anyway. But from that moment on I was a new creature, no more drugs, alcohol, I was a chain smoker who thought I would never be able to quit, I was delivered from that instantly, no more cussing, no more rock and roll, no more sin. Hallelujah! Praise God I was instantly delivered from hatred and bitterness and low self esteem and anxiety and depression, and I was filled with the power and joy and peace and love of God.

It's been four years this March and Iv'e been studying the Word and growing in faith and the stature of Christ within me. I know there are incredible times to come for God's people, those that are in Christ, the Word and Christ the Word in them. I'm glad I was able to give you my testimony. It's very supernatural. But I promise it wasn't really the tip of the iceburg of what happened to me. I can't find my own words to describe it, but the apostle Paul hits the mark when he says "Praise be to God for His unspeakable gift." Praise the Lord and Lord bless you in Jesus' name, A-men.

In Christ,

Tommy Richards
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