Words of warning come to pass

I was 5 year old boy and my father was ministering in the city of Bhopal, the central part of India as a Pastor of a Church.

It was December 2, 1984 and I guess many of you know about the gas tragedy that struck in the city of Bhopal that time through newspapers and television.

It was Sunday morning and my father was supposed to go to south India for some meetings that night and everything including the tickets were ready. The baggage everything....for the journey. He was in the Sunday service and in the end he stood up to preach and suddenly the Holy Spirit led him to preach on a totally different topic of which he was not prepared, and that was about the city of sodom in the Bible.

He was talking about the reasons and sin that covered the city of sodom and how God decided to destroy the city. As the Holy Spirit was talking to him he pointed at one of the ladies that was sitting at the back and told her to be ready to run like Lot's wife.

Anyway my father as he was preaching, the Holy Spirit told him not to go to south for the meetings and he told in the church that he is canceling the ticket to south and I remember that there was a committee meeting after the Sunday service about the preaching and the cancellation of the meeting to be held.

Anyway my father said that I am not going and so it was done. The tickets were canceled, and the afternoon passed and night came. Nobody on earth were expecting a disaster would happen in the city where there was peace and calm.

Eventhough the Holy Spirit has spoken to my father about the destruction of the city we were not sure about when its going to happen.

But the disaster happened right that night itself. It was a cold night in the month of December, the Christmas time and it was 10 pm. I was as usual in the bed after the family prayers and suddenly I could hear a bang at the door!!

My father opened the door and it was none other than the lady whom my father prophesied and told to run like lot's wife and she was probably in that same situation running like Lot's wife and came to our place.

We could see her terrified face and she shouting and telling us to run away at least 25 kms from that area because the in the gas factory. There was a leak and the whole of the city was under the influence of the gas. The gas that leaked was very poisonous and whoever inhales it died.

Anyway the lady left running to save her life and my father told the three of us- I have two sisters and my mom to get ready to go out and leave the place.

I was terrified, and anyway we got out of the house and I could see thousands of people running on the road. The city was full of havoc. They were screaming and running. Some mothers lost their son and some children were crying and there was no one to look after them and probably they might have died of the stampede, because no one there cared to what was happening. All were running....hundreds of them died on the road in that cold night.

My father showed me an example of strong faith and told us not to run but walk. We were all surprised and I was thinking why we are not running where every body else was running for their life.

But now I know that we as the children of God- when difficulties come, we are not supposed to run but face it with faith. I was afraid and I was holding my fathers hand very tight because of the fear that had gripped me.

There were truck services coming up to transport people specially the kids and women to a safer place and I remember one of the trucks screeched beside me and they were shouting to everyone. They told me to get in the truck and I was so desperate and I remember I was about to get in to the truck and my father caught hold of my hand and told me to walk and don't panic and run to get in to the truck.

I could not understand these things as I was a 5 yr old boy at that time but now as I recall every thing that has happened I could say that It was 100% faith that miraculously saved me and our family from that disaster.

As My father held my hand and walked in that cold night I could now well imagine that in the same way God holds our hands and walks with us and when disasters and troubles come in our life.

We often run leaving His Hand...forgetting that we are holding the Hands of the God Almighty who created you and me. I just want to encourage you that whatever troubles come in your life, have faith and remember that you are holding the hands of the Creator of the heavens and the earth and you of course.

That night God has laid in my life the concrete faith to trust in Him every time when troubles encompasses you and Praise Lord when thousands in that city died, we are still alive glorifying the Name of the Lord.

I hope you all are blessed and will have the faith in God when troubles come.
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