Saved from death twice

I live only because I was healed by Jesus. I developed Fulimate Liver failure in 1995 caused by a meal at a dirty cafe. It was incurable. Doctors were preparing for me to have a liver transplant. I was told if my blood test numbers did not fall by half by the following morning, I would die. I was left to die on Thanksgiving Eve, not given any medication or treatment.

My brother entered my room with 2 ministers form my church, he anointed me with oil, prayed for my forgiveness, and prayed a prayer of faith believing I was healed. I was overcome by a bright white light and it gave off a warmth of comfort like being in my mother's womb. The next day those blood numbers were exactly 1/2, the doctors could not explain it.

2 years later I suffered a stroke paralyzing me on the left side. Again I was presumed to be dying, my doctor again told me he would graciously pull the plug if I suffered another stroke. But instead, I was anointed with oil, the prayer of faith prayed, my sins forgiven and overcome again by the white warmth of the light so bright I could not see.

Today, I have no disability, I function perfectly, no paralysis, perfect liver function, all because of the power of our Lord Jesus. Doctor are amazed, but the are believers and agree it was nothing less than the power of our Lord. Praise his powerful name!
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