Man delivered from life of drugs and crime.

I had a life for years of drug addiction and crime....I came to know the Lord at an early age (18) and was involved in a ministry for a couple of years (in the 60"s), and was used by God to bring many to Christ. At some point "I" started to "try" and walk a sinless life for the Lord, and "I" failed....I fell back into a life of sin (drugs and crime)....Years went buy and my life slowly became more and more infested with drugs and the life that goes along with them.

Till one day God said (or should say did)...Iím closing the door on this life of sin and bringing you back to this time I find myself in prison at 49 years old with no way out (but through Christ). Iíd lost my home, cars, thousands of dollars in property and If God hadnít closed the door to the direction I was headed I can assure you Iíd be either dead or serving a life term in prison. God put me in a place that I had to cry out to him, and when I did he showed me I can do nothing outside of him... That "he" is the power in my life to overcome sin, all I had to do was confess with my heart I needed his strength ...and He showed me it is made perfect in my (confessed) weakness. Today I have a wonderfully fulfilled life I gave up crime and drugs and all my needs are met by him...for way back when I first confessed him into my life, and he "birthed" himself in me....He never left me or forsook me, he had always been with me I had just failed to recognize it until He put me in a place that I needed his great salvation, but HE HAS MORE THAN JUST SALVATION FOR THOSE WHO WILL ASK OF HIM, HE HAS A MORE ABUNDANT LIFE!......

If you donít know HIM , ask him today to come into your heart and birth a new life in you -- a life with him in a place called eternity!!!