Young child healed of viral myocarditis

We are a Christian family of four, including two lovely children of ageís 5 years and 1 1/2years.

We lead a happy life, going to church on Sundays and having family prayers whenever we felt it convenient. Till one day when life came to a grinding halt. Our younger child, Joel who was hospitalized for bronchitis, was diagnosed as suffering from a rare heart condition called viral myocarditis for which there is no known medicine anywhere in the world; only supportive treatment can be given. This was the first time we faced a situation where medical profession was helpless.

Everything, we were told, depended on God.

That is when we realized how easily we had taken God for granted. As long as He showered His blessings on us, we blissfully enjoyed life. Prayer had been a routine, so far. Now we realized that each moment of our life is a precious gift from our Lord for which we ought to have continually thanked Him. We got down on our knees and prayed tearfully over the next six weeks as our little one groaned in pain. The word was spread among all friends, relatives , and prayer groups who also prayed for him. We prayed to St. Mary, St. Gregorios of Parumala, St. Thomas, St. George and other saints to pray to Lord Jesus for Joelís speedy recovery. As his health deteriorated, the intensity of our prayers increased. The doctors and attending medical staff were sympathetic and asked us to be strong and face the situation as they continued their sincere attempts at supportive treatment. It was heart breaking to see our baby suffer and yet smile during the short spells when he could sit up.

Even the nurses broke down when he gave a smiling wave to them through his tears after they had inserted the I.V.line , probably for the nth time.

Finally, it was only when we totally surrendered to His will that Joel miraculously began to get better. Everyone in the hospital was amazed. He was finally discharged from hospital on 26th of march 2000. Praise the Lord!

Today Joel is recouping and we have realized the true happiness that comes from trusting in our LORD JESUS CHRIST.