From Gay to God

I was raised in the church, but when I became an adult and got married, I turned from the Lord. After 15 years of marriage, I left my wife to go into the gay life style. I felt it was right for me and that is what Satan wanted, I just didnít know it at the time. That unfolded many things, such as desention in my family, I sampled the drag Scene only to end up in the hospital more than once, the bar was the highlight of my day. Three years ago after getting out of the hospital, I was laying in bed and looking out a large window I had in my apartment. I thought there must be something more for me than this. I had now become an drunk, remaining that way every minute of every day. I went to visit my wife and son in Fresno, CA. My wife asked me to go to church with her. I did not get out the door without asking the Lord into my heart. Praise the Lord, he delivered me from the gay lifestyle, drinking, and many disorders of the mind.

I would like to share more with you. Would you send me your email address and I will tell you most of what the Lord is doing for us right now. My wife and I are reunited thanks to the Lord, and my family is back together now. PRAISE THE LORD, I GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE. I wrote a book, called from Gay to GOD, and the Essentials of Prayer, Working on another book called Holding my Hand, Following a Childís Steps. I hope this will help someone else know that the enemy is deceiving all in that lifestyle saying God made them that way, but I have proof He didnít. It is the Word of God.