Peer pressure and the voice of God

I was at a party where everyone had been drinking. As a so-called Christian. I started drinking too. To fit in with everyone else. I got beyond drunk. I stayed at my friends house named Vicki. I was laying down my head was killing me. The room was spinning. And I looked over Vicki was sound a sleep. And my eyes were closed. When I heard God voice speak to me. He said You can not keep doing what your doing. You either serve me or you donít. I leaned up. And Vicki was still asleep. No one was there. I laid back down thinking. I was just hearing things. All the sudden God said in a stern voice. I SAID You can not keep doing what your doing. You either serve me or you donít. I leaped out of bed. And Vicki then woke up. I told her I had to go home. So, on the way home. I said God I know it was your voice. I got home called my dad who is a Evangelist. And told him. I had done some terrible things. And Dad said to me. I donít care what you have done. All Iím telling you is God is waiting on you. Tears came down my eyes. I went in to the room to pray. I asked God why when. I tried to be a good Christian. I got away from him. He said to me. Because, you did not commit to me. I said these very words to God. God if you will take all those wordly desires away. Like Alcohol, Nicotine, Lust, Pride etc. I will serve you for the rest of my life. He did. And now I have been committed to him for 3 Ĺ years. Fully committed. You have to stop playing church. Make that committed to God. A true story.