Man set free from Gambling Ė marriage saved, life transformed

Hi, I endured an awful 20 year addiction to gambling on sporting events. In a state of manic depression, my marriage falling apart & my debts totaling over $40,000, I finally went in my bathroom, got on my knees and cried out to Jesus to save me ! I spent the next few weeks in constant prayer & meditation. The top of my head was tingling at all times. I could not believe that Jesus was actually doing it ! He was healing my mind, restoring me to sanity & providing me with peace in my life for the first time in a long time. I remember watching the movie ĎThe Greatest Story Ever Toldí about a week or two after I begged God to change my life. While Jesus walked the streets and all of the sick and afflicted called on him in that movie, he restored each of them to a normal condition. Not once did he say "How long have you been blind ?" or "Is that really leprosy ?".

In my case he did not say "Geez.....sports gambling.....Iíll get back to you on that one." All who call on Jesus to heal them receive it, this is the most amazing experience of my life. In the last four months Iíve had my debt discharged, received the career change I prayed for, reconciled with my wife & two sons, do not desire to gamble anymore & now sleep 9 hours a night. The decision to fight my battles on my knees the rest of my life is the smartest thing Iíve ever done. Now, I pray everyday, try to live by the ĎWWJDí creed, which is really helpful because I used to swear like a wounded pirate, reach out to others & enjoy my family life. I am now actively involved with sponsorship in Gamblerís Anonymous, now that Iíve got my life in order, it is true, the joy is in the giving. If you are in a time of need, whatever it is, be it a bad relationship, an unforgiving boss, your parents donít understand you or if youíre in trouble with drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling or over-eating. Let go of your pride, do not take the pounding any longer & exclaim "Son of David, have mercy on me !" The Good Shepherd leaves the other sheep to go find the lamb who is lost. Cry out to him, he will find you. Even when no one else does, Jesus loves you...always has...always will.