REVIVAL IN ERODE INDIA: Over 420 Hindus Saved!

My name is Dino Andreadis from Ontario Canada. I pastor in Brantford, but my true calling is evangelist/revivalist, and I just came back with my associate pastor from a trip to Erode India where I was asked to do crusades in various villages. When we arrived, I immediately saw all the devastation and spiritual decay, and it grieved my heart. Hindu temples of every kind were practically at every corner. Poverty everywhere like we have never seen, but thanks be to God, He poured out His Spirit in a tremendous way!

We preached in several villages in India. In some places the people have never seen a white man and were attracted to come to hear the preachers from North America. All glory given to God, over 420 Hindus were saved during the 8 day crusade! In India when one gives his heart to the Lord, it is a very serious thing and not a flippant decision. I noticed that when we were praying for people at the altar and asking them what they would like us to pray for, many of them asked if we could pray for their families to be saved. And I would ask them, "Is this the first time you gave your heart to the Lord?" They would respond "yes", and I was amazed at their spiritual understanding. Putting aside any personal needs, they immediately recognized the need for their loved ones to be saved. On one occasion a woman was about to get married to a Hindu in a month’s time and she asked if it was right to do that, somehow knowing that it was not. God just opened their eyes with understanding.

Pastor Innocent from Erode India said he has never seen such a response in Hindus getting saved, and he has been a pastor for over forty years in India. Everywhere we went, people were giving their hearts to the Lord. When we were invited for dinner into people’s homes, relatives would come just to see who we were. On each occasion, we took the opportunity to share the gospel, and people were gloriously saved—up to about 15 in different homes!

One of the highlights was that 7 churches were planted as a result of all the salvations, and pastors who will be graduating from their Bible College this May will be taking those new churches! Praise be to the Lord for His timing!!

We also experienced some tremendous spiritual opposition. In one meeting we had a Hindu extremist who began to heckle at us and cause a commotion in the meetings, but the Lord intervened and 50 people got saved that night.

Two nights later, unannounced to us, we were preaching on the very sight of a Hindu temple. Both my associate pastor and I felt very uncomfortable and we did not know why. When the preaching was finished and during the altar service, demonic activity began to manifest. There were people screaming out from everywhere and some began to twirl. One woman that we were praying for who was very petite in stature, literally threw 3 men that were holding her and she lunged towards the altar that was behind us, which up to that point we did not know that was there. She fell upon a rock, and we heard a loud crack thinking she had split her head open, but there was no fracture and no blood. She began to scream out, "Are you the true god, or is Jesus the true God?!!" Conviction began to hit the whole village.

As we were praying for the people, the pastor was praying for the children, and they too were being set free from demonic spirits! This entire village was touched by the power of God!!

Another night we experienced another episode that while I was preaching, demons started to manifest during the service, and the pastor took them out and began to deal with them outside the service. That night was a glorious night where 60 people were saved. A mentally challenged boy who could not walk, talk or see very well received complete healing! Praise the Lord!!

Many more incredible things took place all to the glory of God!!

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