Woman healed of Dissociative Identity Disorder

I was born into an abusive, dysfunctional, and mentally ill family. Physical, mental, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse were all a part of my life by the time that I was five. Genuine love was also a part which made it even more confusing. Because of the traumaís I was unable to cope with, I began to dissociate at the age of two. This led to a disorder now known as DID (dissociative identity disorder) formally called MPD (multiple personality disorder). In 1990 I was diagnosed with 100+ "personalities" or "alter-egoís". By then I had been hospitalized a dozen times, and had tried to take my own life several times. I could no longer hold a job for more than 4 days, and was forced to go on disability. A first resort for some, a last resort for me. I loved working and was successful for brief periods of time. Unfortunately, there came a time when I could not go a single day without switching, which made every aspect of my life, and my familyís. a living hell. There were good times, but they fell short in comparison. By this time I was married to my 4th husband Ed, who by the grace of God was able to keep me and his sanity. Now comes the really good part! In Nov.1995 I was channel surfing and came across Cornerstone Television. Frankly, it was the title of the sermon that got my attention. It was "get out of your mind and into the word" and I said to my selves (LOL) well Iím half there! Richard Roberts was giving his testimony of the stress that almost drove him to a nervous breakdown, had it not been for the joy of the Lord that caused him to laugh instead! It was very funny, and true, how he inherited the presidency of Oral Roberts University, along with a 40 million dollar debt! I laughed and laughed. Then the program was over but I couldnít stop laughing. Everything was funny. I laughed and laughed. I laughed for 4 days! Then on the 4th day, I realized I hadnít switched in 4 days. This was not the norm, but then again not much was! I then inquired of one of my "personalities P.T., basically to say "whatís up, itís quiet in there. That was my REVELATION moment, that I knew that I was healed, when the very thought of being anybody but just me was absurd! I couldnít even relate to it! What I didnít realize was that I had been drunk in the spirit for 4 days while the Lord was completely healing and restoring me to the person I am today. PRAISE GOD! Well, that was five years ago folks and its still just me. What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me WHOLE again, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Now days, I work part time as a receptionist for the corporate office of a bank, and sing full time as the lead singer of the Gospel Joybelles. In addition to that, my daughter and I have teamed up as a mother-daughter duo, and have just begun to launch the Vessels of Honour ministry. I am still married to Ed and always will be. What a blessing he is to me. I have five beautiful grandchildren and another on the way. My life is rich and full beyond my dreams and I will forever praise the Lord in song and in testimony, Amen!

There are two basic views on DID. Secular psychology seeís it as a dissociative identity disorder, while most people of the faith see it as more appropriately standing for Demons In Disguise.

Hereís a revelation......they are both right! The Holy Spirit himself gave me the understanding of this recently by putting it like this; your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour...1peter 5:8

When a lion is stalking a herd or potential prey, it seeks out the weakest, the lame or injured. As a child I had become very injured, and was mentally and emotionally "lame" When I was 15 my mother brought home a ouji board thus opening the door for the devil. Now, the demons could be cleverly disguised among all the dissociated parts and the deception was intact. Sometimes there where dissociated parts presenting, and sometimes it was "demons, in the flesh" Literally! Now the actual presence of the Holy Spirit which was so powerfully manifest in 1995,healed me completely from the damage caused by abuse, and delivered me of every demon! Praise God! Now the evil spirits would love to come back and find "the house" clean, swept and empty, but this house is full of the Holy Spirit. "SORRY, NO VACANCY!"