Getting the bugs out - Child used in rituals set free by Jesus

At the age of 2 i was used in satanic rituals. This went on for roughly 2 yrs. it opened horrible doors. the cult had an agenda for me. my sister also. At that time demons entered into me as they were invited. the next several yrs brought hauntings, witchcraft, clairvoyancy, drinking and pure hate. my spirit was crushed.

IN 91, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST STEPPED IN. He knocked on my hearts door. THE SPIRIT OF GOD drew me[JOHN 6]. I decided to surrender at the cross roads. I was just getting ready to get back into heavy metal singing as I had a band the year before.

In a church my sister in law recommended I saw the Holy Spirit in action. HE WAS SPEAKING TO MY HEART. The song ID RATHER HAVE JESUS was being sung. THEN THE HOLY SPIRIT CHALLENGED ME on the second verse. DID I want Jesus more than mens applause? I Knew it was the living GOD asking me that. I JUST KNEW. So I soon said YES. Then HE really went to work!

After I agreed to forgive ALL who hurt me, HE and the angels! went to war with the demons inside me. IT was like he said , you want to see real power?

The demons fleed and i was set free!!! Thats a quick version of my story. GODBLESS all!!