Addict delivered from Crank - set free and back with family

I am 43 years old, married, and have two teenagers ages 17&19. Up until 5 months ago I didn`t even believe in God!. For about 24 years I was into methanphetamines (crank) My addiction got steadily worse until I got thrown out of the house in June of 99. I had really sank to the worst kind of person that I could be. My wife (a christian for 25 years) would pray for me everyday and thank God that she never gave up on me, even though I had already given up on myself. My own family couldn`t even keep money or blank checks around the house because I would steal it to buy drugs.

I finally went to a rehab where I accepted Jesus. He delivered me overnight! From both drugs and ciggarettes. I have been clean ever since and have my family back and my life back. All because of Jesus' love for me!!! HIS LOVE IS AWSOME!!!! And all you have to do is Accept him and obey him. He will change and fill that void in your life if you really want him to; Just ask him to!!