Young girl and Elderly woman delivered from wasp attack

Elderly woman and young girl attacked by wasps On August 25, 1999, I was taking a walk in the park.  As I started around the path, I noticed an elderly woman with a young girl by the volley ball courts.  As I turned my attention to the walking trail, I heard terrible screams come from the young girl about a hundred yards away.  I quickly turned to see what was happening and saw that the pair were being attacked by bees.

I felt completely helpless and so prayed to GOD very quickly.  I spoke to GOD within and said, " Father, help them, in Jesus name! "  As soon as I prayed, neither the woman or the young girl swatted at the bees again with their hands.  I knew then that GOD had received my prayer and had called the bees away!

On August 28, I carefully approached the volley ball court and looked under the elevated umpires chair.  I saw an active wasp nest covered with red wasps.  I thanked GOD and am amazed at HIS infinite power.

On the day of the wasp attack, the Holy Spirit brought to mind some of the scriptures that confirmed GOD's power over HIS insects and animals.  The scriptures were Exodus 10:4-19 (locusts), Exodus 23:28 (hornet), Jonah 1:17 (great fish), 1 Kings 17:4-6 (ravens), 2 Kings 2:24 (she bears).

Finally, Hebrews 13:8 declares, " Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever."

All Praise be to GOD