Jesus sets a Vietnam vet free from deep depression

John grew up in an abusive home and said he thought of suicide during his formative years.  When of age, John joined the military and excelled.  In Vietnam he killed many enemy soldiers and was wounded himself on several occasions.  He received many decorations during his military career.

In his late 30's, he left the military and said his family life became dysfunctional.  He confided his personal problems with a Christian friend who told him to call on Jesus during his time of need and He would help him.

On one particular day, John decided to end his life and so drove his wife and young daughter from their home.  John then took an overdose of barbiturates and drank a lot of rum.  John said he felt the spirit of death come to him.  At this point, out of his innermost man, John called out to Jesus for help. (Romans 10:13)  The next moment, he rose to his feet sober and felt many demonic spirits depart from him.

When his wife and daughter returned home, his young daughter asked her mother who the man in the living room was.  The mother told her daughter it was her father.  John said his very countenance had so changed he appeared different to the young girl.  John told his wife and daughter Jesus Christ had saved him, and had manifested Himself in a beautiful, powerful light.  A short time later, John related his experience to a Holy Ghost minister.  The minister laid hands on John and began to pray.  John said the bone in his leg, which had been shot apart and healed poorly, straightened instantly.

Additionally, he was given a vision while under the power of the Holy Spirit.  In the vision, he beheld an island in the sea.  On the island, he saw Holy Angels ministering to multitudes of people through music.  In the whitecaps of the waves striking the island were the joyful faces of people. John said he went to a pawn shop and purchased a guitar.  He learned to praise the Lord in song.  I asked John to sing a gospel song for me.  As he began to play and sing, I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit flow down over my head and ears like warm oil! Praise the Lord forever!!!