Jesus delivers young lady from suicidal thoughts

Jesus Christ saved my life. I am reborn in him. Before I knew him personally, I was a wreck. My brother killed himself when I was 5 and he was 16. I tried killing my self in the past year over 16 times. I was in a mental hospital 4 times totalling about 5 weeks. i was in an after school program at that hospital as an out-patient for 2 months. Nothing helped. I went to a special school because of this and my music teacher was a ministers wife to a church in the city next to me. She invited me to a youth service they have every Thursday. I went and I gave my life to Jesus. I used to cut my self three times a day, but when I gave my life to Jesus, the cutting and suicide thoughts, threats, and attempts went away. Starting this summer, I will be going to a day program for kids like me. Jesus helped me to get accepted.

My sister is the one that needs the prayer and help now. Her problem is she won't reach out her hand to Jesus. She was in in hospital for 8 months and they think she will have to go back. She is suicidal and she cuts herself deep. I pray every morning and night for Jesus to help her. It is working very slowly. I am just happy that I am alive today, I'm 15 and healthy and I am only that way because Jesus is with me. Amen. love, Erika May Jesus be with you and watch over you. Thanks for reading this, please pray for me and my family.