The importance of prayer - Wife prays and Jesus delivers husband from crack cocaine

I was addicted to crack cocaine for years, and because of it I lost everything. I almost lost my wife too. I was not aware of it,but she was praying for me. I was sleeping in the woods, and in a dream I saw the hand of God point at me from out of the sky. He said, "YOUR WIFE IS PRAYING FOR YOU!" I woke up scared to death. Everday hearing the words, "call your wife". You see my wife was in NC, and I was in Fla. I was totally embarrassed, because I'd spent my inheritance on crack. I didn't think she would even talk to me, but I finally called.

She sent me the money to get a bus to NC. Miracle #1 that a crack cocaine addict didn't buy drugs with it. When I got to NC, my inlaws requested I go into drug treatment. I entered Christian Love Ministries(CLM), and on that mountain i first felt the power of God. At first I was not believing what I was seeing. The director of the center walked, ate, and slept Jesus. I kept thinking He's not like this all the time, but he was. He was also dilevered by the power of God from drugs and alcohol.

One day in Church, Denny (the director of CLM) chalanged us to sbmit our lives to Jesus. While everone was singing " I am Free", I said "If your real God change my life". I was instantly changed, that empty feeling was gone and I felt whole, complete, and I knew I'd never be the same again. I now work at Christian Love Ministries, and I'm passing on to others what I've learned. I have a passsion for Jesus, and for the Bible. After graduating the program at CLM I read the Bible from cover to cover in two months. I say that not to brag, but to show the passion that God has stired in me. I've turned into the kind of person that I used to point at and laugh, and call them a Jesus freak. Now I'm proud to be called a Jesus freak! I thought there was no hope for me when I was on crack, but Jesus gives us hope where there is none. If there is someone out there who knows someone who they think is beyond hope or will never change. Pray for them there is hope.

Praise God, and God Bless you all.