Agnostic healed of multiple sclerosis in Victoria Canada

The man was an unbeliever. He had multiple sclerosis. The MS was complicated by a stroke that happened about November '98. Confined to a wheelchair, he was seriously handicapped with no medical hope of recovery or improvement.

On December 14, 1998, and for the next 10 days, he had the same recurring vivid dream. He was being wheeled into a church. In the middle of the church service, he got up out of the wheelchair and walked - absolutely whole! Each day, for the next 10 days, the dream was the same, but seemed to get more detailed. The name of the church in the dream was: St Rose of Lima Catholic Church (in Sooke, a suburb of Victoria). The pastor's name was Fred Haffey. The final instructions in the dream were that he was to go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. This man was so impressed by the content of this unusual, recurring dream that he 'phoned several of his unbelieving friends. They were impressed too and saying, "what have we got to lose?", they agreed to take the man to St. Rose of Lima Church for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

In the middle of Midnight Mass, the man felt a heat surge through his whole body. He got up and walked. Whole! Because the litugy was in progress, he didn't say a word to anyone. All his fellow unbelievers, who had brought him there, could say was, "Holy sh.., holy sh..!!" After the Mass was over, they all walked out together, one of the group later returning to pick up the wheelchair. Fred Haffey, the pastor, was tidying up after the Mass and thought nothing of it when he noticed the men picking up the wheelchair. He still didn't know anything about the miracle.

Three days later, the man who was healed was convicted and 'phoned Fred Haffey, the pastor, telling him all about the healing. St. Rose of Lima Church is just a tiny Catholic Parish on the outskirts of the city of Victoria. It only had a few members prior to this incident. Rita Laan, the sister of Fred Haffey, the pastor, reports that the church, St. Rose of Lima, is now filled each time they meet! No wonder. God seems to be speaking to us here in Victoria, and to the Victoria Healing Team, through this miracle. Here's what we think He is saying:

1. Press in to Me, take this healing anointing seriously. If you don't, I'll give it to people you least expect.

2. This healing anointing is meant to reach the lost.

Bob Brasset,
Victoria Healing Team